104 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers: Health Benefits and More – Updated Blog

With all these incredible benefits from your Tyent water ionizer, taking care of your future health and wellbeing has never tasted so good!


104 Reasons to Love Tyent Water Ionizers Health Benefits and More


Part 1: Health Benefits

Part 2: Comparing Tyent to Enagic and Machine Component Breakdown

Part 3: Beauty & Skin Benefits

Part 4: Tyent Water Ionizer Reviews

Part 5: Press Recognition

Part 6: Sports and Tyent Water

Part 7: Doctors, Wellness centers, and Tyent Water

Part 8: Studies on Hydrogen Water

Part 9: Tyent Alkaline Water Is the Healthiest Water in The World. Dare To Compare!

Part 10: A Brief Guide to the Benefits of Alkaline Water and Fitness


Part 1: Health Benefits

  1. Health Benefits from Your Tyent Water Ionizer

How long have you got? The benefits you can expect from a Tyent water ionizer will astound you.

Alkaline water can help your overall health in countless ways. It is hands-down the easiest and most delicious method of supporting your short-term and long-term wellbeing goals. 

  1. Tyent Alkaline Water Has an Abundance of Natural Antioxidants

Natural antioxidants are our heroes. They pursue, conquer, and neutralize damaging free radicals – the cause of aging, disease, and deterioration in our overall health.

Doctors and medical experts can’t say enough good things about the power of antioxidants, which are abundantly available in every sip of ionized alkaline water.

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Create Hydrogen Water

There’s a real buzz about the incredible health benefits of hydrogen water. Did you know that ionized alkaline water and hydrogen water are the same thing? The medical profession has long been aware that hydrogen water is excellent for our health. What’s more, a Tyent water ionizer is the easiest and most efficient way of delivering it!

  1. Tyent’s Ultra Filters Produce the Cleanest Alkaline Water in the Water Ionizer Industry

How good a water ionizer’s filters are is of paramount importance. Contaminated water is never out of the news. There’s never been a better time to buy a Tyent ionizer to ensure the water you and your family drink is the purest and cleanest water possible.

Tyent ionizers lead the industry with cutting-edge, reliable filtration technology.

  1. Celebrities Love Drinking Tyent Alkaline Water

Want to know how your favorite celebrity stays camera-ready or right on top of their athletic performance? You guessed it… alkaline water!

Tyent ionized water has so many celebrity fans that we can’t list them all here, but we do sure have an impressive star count!

  1. What Are Doctors Saying About Tyent Water Ionizers?

It’s always reassuring to hear what the medical industry has to say about the benefits of alkaline water.  Doctors and medical experts are on the front line when it comes to health issues, and we truly value their endorsement.  

  1. How to Choose the Best Water Ionizer

For most people, buying an ionizer is a major purchase. You’ve done the research, you know you want your family to drink ionized alkaline water but which machine is best?

Don’t make an expensive mistake – check our tips on buying the perfect water ionizer for the best price!

  1. Does Alkaline Water Freshness Matter?

As with so many other things, fresh is best. Alkaline water is most beneficial when enjoyed just after drawing from the tap.

Hydrogen starts to dissipate gradually after a short period of time, so for all these incredible hydrogen benefits, make sure your alkaline water is as fresh as possible!

  1. Tyent Hydrogen Water Has the Most Benefits…

To match the huge number of potential health gains alkaline water offers, we have the best design team and engineers constantly working to ensure Tyent ionizers outperform the competition at every stage.

From weight loss and immune support to better skin and increased energy levels, Tyent ionizers deliver the very best health benefits from alkaline water there is.

  1. Optimal pH Levels

Tyent ionizers come with fully adjustable pH levels so you’re in control of what you drink and use. From using acidic water as a skin toner to drinking the perfectly pH-balanced glass of cool, clean alkaline water, your Tyent ionizer delivers what you need.

There’s no better way to support your loved ones’ health than by investing in a Tyent water ionizer.


Part 2: Comparing Tyent to Enagic and Machine Component Breakdown

  1. How Do Tyent Water Ionizers Compare to Enagic Water Ionizers?

In this showdown, we take a comprehensive look at how Tyent and Enagic ionizers really compare.

Don’t miss this if you want to purchase the very best ionizer on the market today.

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Do Not Add Chemicals

We don’t use words like ‘pure’ and ‘clean’ lightly. Clean doesn’t just mean ‘no contaminants,’ it means ‘chemical-free.’ Unlike, for example, Enagic machines, our ionizers are 100% chemical-free.

With Tyent, clean really does mean clean!

  1. Tyent Water Ionizers Have Advanced Technology

At Tyent, we have the very best design team and engineers for whom excellence is standard. For the water in your glass to be the best, the technology behind it has to be the best.

We’re so proud of our team, and the hard work that goes into ensuring that we lead the field when it comes to next-generation technology.

  1. How Good Are Tyent’s Water Ionizer Plates?

We love talking about our water ionizer plates. Why? Because they are, simply, the best in the world.

The plates are such a vital component in Tyent Ionizers, our engineers went back to the drawing board to ensure that our plate performance exceeds anything else on the market today.

  1. What Type of Warranty and Trial Period Does Tyent Offer?

How long do companies usually let you try something out for? 7 days? 28 days if they’re generous?

How about 75 days? That’s right. Tyent ionizers can be tried out in your home for a full 75 days, risk-free.

Even better, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our ionizers. No small print. No hassle. The terms we offer are as unbeatable as our machines. You really cannot go wrong with Tyent.

  1. What Type of Water Ionizer Certifications Does Tyent Have?

Our certifications are the best the industry can offer. Certification is something we take very seriously as it’s proof positive that Tyent and our products inspire confidence in our customers and in the industry.

  1. What -ORP Levels Does Tyent Water Ionizers Produce?

Alkaline ionized water has a negative charge ORP.  Tyent Ionizers produce -ORP levels up to -800, depending on your source water.

ORP Definition: stands for oxidation-reduction potential. This term is often used in water treatment. The ORP properties of ionized water are more familiarly referred to as antioxidants.

  1. How Many Amps of Power Does a Tyent Water Ionizer Have?

Tyent ionizers have 8 to 10 amps of power, which means that you can customize your water to your exact liking. More power in an ionizer means that you have better control and performance without the use of chemicals.

  1. How Does a Tyent Water Ionizer Cell Compare to Ionizer Cells in the Water Ionizer Industry?

Tyent Water ionizer cells are larger and more durable than our nearest competitors, and our plates are solid/mesh hybrid for a lifetime of consistently excellent and reliable performance

  1. Dealers Who Sell Tyent Water Ionizers Are Successful with the Best Tools and Training – Dare to Compare

There is a mutual faith between Tyent and our dealers. We know our dealers are the best because they’ve had dedicated, comprehensive training and the best tools to support them.

Likewise, our dealers have absolute faith in Tyent and our products. It’s a great partnership and one that works, and one that delivers more for our customers.


Part 3: Beauty & Skin Benefits

  1. Makes a Beauty Water with a Water Ionizer

Do Tyent water ionizers make beauty water? They sure do!

Acidic level 1 water has the same pH value as your skin and keeps it feeling soft and plumped up with deep-down hydration.

Either wipe acidic water over your face on a cotton-wool pad or spritz with a spray bottle. Keep it in the fridge for a great cool down in hot weather!

Find out more alkaline water beauty tips here!

Use acidic level 1 water in a spritzer bottle all over your body for beach-ready glowing skin.

Use acidic beauty water as a final rinse when washing your hair for deep shine and a healthy appearance.

Utilize Tyent acidic water as a mouthwash to help to kill germs and promote healthy gums and fresh breath!

  1. Soften Your Skin with a Lux Filter

Tyent offers other products to complement our water ionizers, including shower lux filters. These help to remove chlorine and other undesirable elements from your shower water.

A lux filter means softer skin and hair instead of the drying effects of chlorine. It’s another of the great ways Tyent helps with making life a bit better!

  1. Soothes Psoriasis and Eczema

There are skin conditions that plague millions of people, including psoriasis and eczema. Tyent alkaline water may help both of them.

Many people with skin problems report an improvement to their symptoms following either drinking alkaline water or spraying acidic water onto the affected areas.

  1. Improve Hair Quality

Who doesn’t want an easier and better way to ensure your crowning glory is as lovely as it can be?

It’s time to ditch the harsh, expensive hair products and say hello to your new beautiful hair solution.

Just give your hair a final rinse with acidic water and spritz it throughout the day for a glossy, swingy mane.

  1. Used in Professional Salons and Spas

The same beauty tips you can practice at home are suitable for salon and spas! Switch those spray bottles filled with ordinary tap water with beautifying acidic water to complement hair and skin treatments.

  1. Nourishes the Skin from the Inside

Every time you drink Tyent beauty water, you get a boost of super-hydrating, skin-friendly antioxidants that zap the free radicals that contribute to visible signs of aging.

Drinking Tyent water keeps you glowing and beautiful every day!

  1. Lets You Drink the Same Tyent Alkaline Water Used by Victoria’s Secret Angels’ Personal Trainer

Even the professionals agree Tyent water keeps you looking at your best!

No one will disagree that Victoria’s Secret Angels look stunning, healthy, and fit. And guess what? Their trainer is one of Tyent’s many celebrity fans!

  1. Relaxes and Helps You Get Beautiful, Soft Skin

To keep your body glowing with supple, smooth skin, add 1 liter of acidic water to your bath and relax. Result? Smooth, silky skin that looks radiant.

  1. Beautifies Your Kitchen

Being practical and good for your health and well-being doesn’t stop a Tyent ionizer from also leading in the style field.

Our engineers and designers continued their work until they created an ionizer that had the sleek and stylish looks to match its incredible performance!

  1. Supports Anti-Aging

You can’t stop yourself from getting older, but you can do something to delay the signs of aging.

Tyent water maintains the hydration levels of your skin and nourishes the body with antioxidants, reducing fine lines and dramatically improving skin tone.

  1. Prevents Winter Dryness

Winter can dry out the skin and make it itch. Retain your healthy skin regardless of the season when you drink Tyent alkaline water. Remember, hydration is your best weapon against dryness.

  1. Improves Your Mood

Tyent alkaline water can help improve your mood in many ways. It detoxifies your body, enhances your brain performance, and sharpens your mental focus, all of which help you to feel calm and in control.

  1. Makes Lemon Water Even Better

Lemon is one of the most popular superfoods for good reason: it comes with high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C.

Add your lemon juice to Tyent water to give a great taste and boost the bioavailable nutritional content.

  1. Lets You Be One of the Celebrities

Admit it: once in while, you dream of living the life of a celebrity. The problem is, you may feel you don’t have the cash to look and feel like one!

With a Tyent water ionizer, you can. In fact, many celebrities are big Tyent fans!

  1. Energizes Your Body

Tyent alkaline water helps to give your energy a huge boost. That’s the main reason it’s loved by so many sports stars and top athletes! 


Part 4: Tyent Water Ionizer Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

While customers appreciate quality products that exceed their expectations, excellent customer service will make them loyal.

That’s why Tyent always aims not just for great water ionizer reviews but also A+ customer service. We’re proud of our quality products and our exceptional customer service experience.

  1. Tyent’s Philosophy on Premium Customer Service

Tyent is proud to provide first class Customer Service at every stage. From deciding which ionizer is the right one for you to any follow-up advice you might need, we’re here to help.

We don’t just aim to sell products, we work to provide you with the best experience with Tyent even after purchasing a water ionizer. After all, you and your health are important to us.

  1. BBB A+ Rating

We’re very proud of our Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB). The BBB grades customers’ interactions from A+, which is the highest, to F, which is the lowest. Tyent was awarded the highest rating, official recognition of the high standard of customer care that we provide every day.

  1. Tyent USA Has Great Leadership

Behind every successful company is a great leader, and Tyent is lucky to have one of the best. Joe Boccuti embodies the spirit of Tyent, with his dedication and commitment to delivering the best results.

The Founder and President of Tyent began his research into alkaline water initially to help people quit smoking and lose weight. Although hypnotherapy was working, Joe believed that they still needed supplemental assistance to improve their health naturally.

That’s when he started researching the health benefits associated with alkaline water and Tyent grew around Joe’s passion to improve everyone’s health naturally.

  1. Amazon Has 5 Star Ratings for Tyent Water Ionizers

Amazon is a quick, go-to guide for millions of people who want to drink filtered water every day. Even if they’re not buying from Amazon, they check in, check things out and check who’s really the best!

The fact that Tyent has a 5-Star Rating is something that makes us feel good. It means that our customers are happy!

  1. This Amazon Customer Is Really Happy with His UCE 11!

Amazon’s 5-star rating is accompanied by Tyent water ionizer reviews by happy and satisfied customers. Here’s one positive review about a UCE 11!

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Tyent USA. Before I decided to purchase my UCE 11 I had a million questions about everything. Everyone was so patient with me and answered all of my questions. I know that the staff at Tyent USA will be there to help me every step of the way. Thanks again!!”

  1. Tyent Has a Winning Tech Team

Tyent succeeds and excels because of the people who work with us. We can’t offer exceptional products without the help of a winning team in research and development.

On the team are people like Jim Roberts, our exceptional Head of Research and Development, whose skills and vision mean that Tyent Ionizers always lead the field. As one customer, Vernon Howard, testifies, “The Tyent USA service is supreme, especially Jim Roberts.”

  1. Tyent Has Top Rating with Reseller Ratings

 Need more? Our score for Consumer Reviews on Reseller Ratings is an awesome 9.2/10 out of 248 reviews.

Here’s a clipping from a recent review: “Tyent is great! Customer service can answer any further questions you may have. I had many questions and they helped me every step of the way.”

  1. Tyent USA – Pages of Testimonials

You know you’re doing something right when people take the time to get in touch and tell you.

We have pages of glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers, and we’re proud to share them!

  1. Lori Marshall

Customer service expert Lori is one of Tyent’s real superstars. Helping people, talking to them about Tyent Ionizers, and understanding our customers’ needs is her raison d’être.

She has a deep understanding of how alkaline water promotes health and wellness. Lori also knows how to impart that knowledge to customers, making sure they buy the kind of ionizer that fits their needs perfectly.

Thank you so much, Lori!

  1. Michele Steffney

Passionate about her subject and incredibly knowledgeable to boot, Michele is our Alkaline Water Expert. She has a wealth of experience working with wellness and fitness centers as well as doctors, helping them to understand how Tyent can contribute and add value to the services they offer.

She’s an essential part of the Tyent team!


Part 5: What the Press and Award-Winning Bodies Think of Tyent

You’ve heard what customers say about Tyent water ionizers, now it’s time to find out about the press coverage!

  1. It’s Official! Tyent USA Won Water Ionizer of the Year Again

It’s great to be recognized for doing well, and Tyent is no different. To win Water Ionizer of the Year is a huge honor and testament to the work and dedication of our fantastic team!

Tyent product quality has been improving people’s lives for years. With cutting-edge technology, innovative research, and engineering work, our quality is unbeatable.

Add that to exceptional customer service and you’ve got the best ionizer in the industry!

  1. Dream Home – Tyent Featured on E! Homes of the Future!

Out of all the awesome features and gadgets you might find in these incredible homes, here’s one that will be familiar! We were really pleased to see a Tyent Ionizer featured in this episode!

Families who want to stay as naturally healthy as possible will love having a water ionizer in their lives!

  1. Tyent Featured on Gizmodo!

If it’s innovative, cutting-edge or just darn cool, you’ll find it featured on Gizmodo. We’re good at what we do and take the business of alkaline water seriously, but we’re not going to turn our noses up at being considered cool as well!

The innovative combination of touchscreen technology and alkaline water helped the Tyent 9000T get featured on Gizmodo.  

  1. The House of Your Dreams?

Do you have a dream house with the ideal location and creature comforts? How about the perfect furniture and time-saving appliances inside?

Whatever your personal dream house is, we have a feeling that this one might tick all the boxes for quite a few people. And what else would you expect to find in the dream kitchen other than a Tyent Ionizer?

  1. Cnet Loves Tyent

How do we know? Well, it’s the only ionizer they’ve ever featured, and they rated us pretty high! No matter how big Tyent gets, we never lose sight of what’s important.

Being recognized for our great products makes the hard work worthwhile!

  1. Traditional Home Magazine Would Give a Tyent Ionizer as a Gift!

Well, why not! When the trusted publication gave a big thumbs up to having a Tyent Ionizer on your gift list, it was yet another vote of confidence.

When you buy gifts for your loved ones, you show them how much you love them. What better way to show you care than by helping to keep them healthy?

A Tyent Water Ionizer helps you and your loved ones live the best life possible!

  1. Discovery Discovers Just How Great Our Ionizers Are!

We admit that we got a little excited when we saw that Discovery had a great feature on Tyent!

Millions of people make Discovery part of their lives, staying right out in front when it comes to what’s trending and important in the world. It’s great to be on board!

  1. PC World Puts Tyent on Its Extreme Tech List!

When PC World compiled their list of the 22 most desirable extreme tech devices on the market in 2012, Tyent Ionizers made the cut. We’re the only ionizer company to receive that kind of endorsement from PC World, one of the biggest names in cool, cutting-edge technology, so it’s another great achievement for the Tyent team!

  1. HealthNewsDigest Gets the Buzz About Tyent!

HealthNewsDigest is one of the most consistently newsworthy and exciting places to read about anything to do with health. Media, consumers, and medical professionals all use this website to keep their fingers on the pulse of breaking medical and health news.

When Tyent’s own Joe Bocutti was invited to contribute a feature on alkaline water, it was another key moment of recognition for Tyent.

We aim to improve every person’s health by making alkaline water readily available at home. Getting recognized and get published by a respected outlet makes all the hard work worthwhile.

  1. GolfGetaways Rate Tyent!

The first name in booking a great golfing holiday, this household name ran a feature on Tyent, focusing on the benefits of faster and more efficient hydration if you’re playing sports.


Part 6: Sports and Tyent Water | Best Reasons Athletes Love Alkaline Water

  1. Loved by Many Athletes

Tyent ionized alkaline water is key to improving sports performance and reducing recovery time. Ionized water hydrates you faster, boosting your energy levels and beating the competition!

We lined up just a few star athletes to give you their views on Tyent water and why they love it!

Tom House

Also known as the Throwing Doctor, Tom House has trained many top athletes. These include the New England Patriot, Tom Brady.

He knows exactly how important optimum physical health is. A Tyent water fan, Tom saw the benefits up close.

TJ Ward

Cleveland Brown’s pro football star TJ Ward noticed an improvement in his energy levels and recovery once he made the switch to Tyent water. Being part of the Super Bowl-winning team means TJ has to be at peak fitness. Drinking Tyent water is a big part of that!

Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans is a mixed martial artist and heavyweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 2. He boosts his hydration levels and energy by drinking Tyent Water.

In Rashad’s own words, “Tyent water completely changed my training and my recovery.”

Ryan Buchter

We can’t put it any better than Ryan does himself: “I couldn’t imagine drinking regular or bottled water ever again. My energy levels are higher. My recovery is quicker than ever.”

Shareece Wright

American cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens football team, Shareece Wright can’t afford to be anything other than fighting fit on the field.

With his energy levels higher and recovery time cut shorter, Shareece also credits Tyent water with making his immune system stronger.

Clara Hughes

If there is someone who knows about winning, it is Clara Hughes. She’s a five-time Olympic champion and Tour de France rider.

Clara had her pick of all the health-boosting and innovative programs and machines in the world.

What did she choose? A Tyent Ionizer.

Michael McKenry

Michael “The Fort” McKenry, formerly Colorado Rockies stalwart and catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, knows drinking Tyent ionized water gives him the edge in life, and on the field.

We can’t agree more with his view that, “all water is not the same.”

Dustin Ackley

He is a former star of the Seattle Mariners and outfielder for the New York Yankees since 2015. Dustin Ackley backs up the professional athletes’ view.

He said, “Thanks to Tyent alkaline water, not only am I more hydrated, but I have noticeably more energy.”

Let’s face it, he needs it!

Dave Greene

CEO of Willow Bend Fitness, Dave Greene knows the business of working out and how vital hydration is to recovery better than anyone.

He noticed improvements in his own health and well-being since drinking ionized water. He then went the extra mile and had a Tyent ionizer installed in his gym. That way, his customers also benefit and get even more from their workout.

Cliff “Shaud” Brown

He’s a performance coach, pro athlete, and advocate for drinking Tyent water. According to Cliff, “proper nutrition and mindset are just as important as the physical work in the gym, [so] go be great. Start your day by drinking at least 8 cups of Tyent hydrogen water.”

  1. Supported by Clinical Studies on Sports Recovery

A study on the impact of hydrogen water on recovery from muscle fatigue caused by acute exercise makes interesting reading. It concludes “drinking HW [hydrogen water] would be a novel and effective fluid hydration strategy for athletes.”

  1. Increases Energy

When it comes to training, it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the Olympic team or the high school football league. You need a lot of energy to sustain yourself.

This is where Tyent water comes in. The unique structure and potent hydrogen in ionized alkaline water improves sports performance for everyone.

  1. Reduces the Effects of Lactic Acid

 Playing sports is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy. When you engage in strenuous activity, your body produces lactate. As the lactate levels increase, so does the acid present in your muscle cells. With the increasing acidity, the body then becomes less alkaline.

Drinking alkaline water helps to neutralize the lactic acid in your muscles and aid recovery.

  1. Easy Way to Start the Fitness Plan

Many people make fitness part of their New Year’s resolutions, but you don’t need New Year to have a health reset.

A good first step is to install a Tyent water ionizer. We can help with financing to help balance the family books and remember: every Tyent Ionizer comes with an incredible LIFETIME guarantee.

  1. Way Better Than Energy and Sports Drinks

Engaging in a sport like college football or basketball can drain energy fast but DON’T reach for canned energy drinks! Why not? These types of beverages contain a cocktail of ingredients – such as sugar and caffeine – that might briefly increase your energy, but then deliver a ‘crash.’

A bottle of sports drink can contain as many as 30 teaspoons of sugar. Caffeine can have troubling side effects when consumed in large quantities, such as restlessness, anxiety, and trembling hands. And that’s before you even get to the chemicals that these drinks are loaded with. In short, they’re bad news!

Tyent Water boosts your energy naturally, without compromising your health!

  1. Prevention of Dehydration

There’s a good reason you need to have fluids with you before, during and after exertion: being a seasoned athlete doesn’t exempt you from dehydration.

Dehydration is a condition where the body doesn’t have the amount of water it needs to function properly. When you exercise, you sweat. Losing water through profuse sweating means that you also lose some electrolytes (minerals).

When this happens, there is an electrolyte imbalance, which may then result in symptoms such as numbness, lethargy, disorientation, convulsions, and seizures. In some cases, the effect can be fatal.

Fortunately, you can prevent dehydration by increasing your water intake. Tyent alkaline water is more hydrating than regular water and is rich in natural minerals.

  1. Working Out Like an Olympian

Do you dream about competing in the Winter Olympics or being part of one of the elite sports teams? There’s no shortcut to becoming an Olympian, but you can learn how to eat and drink like one!

Pro-athletes who place enormous importance on their diet and hydration requirements consider Tyent water to be their partner in maintaining their energy levels and performance.


Part 7: Doctors Recommend Tyent Water Ionizers for Wellness

What Doctors and Wellness Centers Say About Tyent’s Water Filter Machines

Many doctors around the world are passionate about the benefits of drinking molecular hydrogen water. It’s always reassuring to hear what the medical establishment has to say about Tyent water ionizers, and we greatly value the endorsements we get from doctors as well as medical professionals.

  1. Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD

Dr. Contreras, a renowned oncologist and surgeon at Oasis of Hope Hospital and author of many books including The Hope of Living Cancer Free and The Hope of Living Long and Well, is a well-known advocate of alkaline water from Tyent Water Ionizers.

Dr Contreras ensures that his patients drink Tyent ionized water. He believes that having access to drinking water with abundant alkaline minerals can help his patients in their journey to wellness.

  1. Dr. Gus Spatharakis

Dr. Gus Spatharakis is a longstanding fan of alkaline water and acknowledged authority on Applied Kinesiology. As a nutritionist, Dr. Gus believes that alkaline water is an essential health supplement to improve wellness in people.

In tests, Dr Gus and his team observed incredible benefits of alkaline water within minutes of consumption. Working from one of his Advanced Health and Wellness Centers, you can hear what Dr. Gus has to say about Tyent Water here.

  1. Dr. Alvin Stein MD, FACS, Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award 2008

Dr. Alvin Stein has been a board-certified orthopedic surgeon for over 35 years and is highly experienced in all types of orthopedic surgery, earning the respect of his surgical peers for his tremendous work.

Dr Stein owns a Tyent water ionizer and believes in its contribution to a person’s health and well-being.

“The beauty of Tyent Water is that it penetrates into the cells and hydrates the cells at the cellular level.”

Dr Alvin Stein


The List of Doctors Who Love Their Tyent Water Ionizer Continues…


  1. Dr. Christopher Fiordaliso

 Pennsylvania Chiropractor Dr. Fiordaliso has been practicing for over 16 years and is dedicated to helping patients to find solutions to their problems. We really appreciate him taking the time to share his view of Tyent Water!

“As far as my practice goes, I recommend Tyent Water™ to everyone.”

Dr. Christopher Fiordaliso

  1. Dr. Robb Tanella

Dr. Robb Tanella is an established chiropractor and strives to find the right combination of treatments for his patients.

Like other doctors, he believes that compared to regular tap water, alkaline water positively affects a person’s health. His view on Tyent Water Ionizers?

“What I have found to be most effective is the alkalized, energized ionic water that is created by the Tyent hydration system.”

Dr. Robb Tanella

  1. Dr. Joe Fawcett


“The Tyent machine performs far above anything else that is out there.”

Dr. Joe Fawcett

No, this is not just our view, but one expressed by Dr. Fawcett, a chiropractor since 1984 and practitioner from his Health, Wellness and Fitness Clinic in Texas. Dr. Fawcett has tried various water ionizers but identified Tyent ionizers to be the best on the market.

  1. Dr. Brian Sheen

Dr. Sheen is the Executive Director of The Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  Operating at an optimum physical and mental level is something Dr. Sheen strives for.

“I look forward to a longer and healthier life because of my use of the Tyent Water Ionizer and have happily shared this knowledge with others.”

Dr. Brian Sheen

  1. Stephanie Tippie

Tyent Water fan Stephanie Tippie is a co-owner of an established and respected anti-aging clinic. She is dedicated to finding anti-aging solutions and lifestyle tips for her clients.

Stephanie believes that alkaline water is the best type of water for hydration and also to maintain a more hydrated and youthful appearance.

  1. Dr. Nancy McClellan DC Dipl. Ac.

Dr. Nancy McClellan, a well-known and authoritative chiropractor, understands the benefits of drinking alkaline water as well. She says:

“I consider alkaline ionized water from a Tyent machine one of the most important things a person can do for themselves and their family’s health.”

Dr. Nancy McClellan

Dr. McClellan credits Tyent Water’s ORP quotient with the filtration machine’s success. ORP means the oxidation-reduction potential, or the power to neutralize free radicals within the body.

  1. Dr. Richard Powell, Naturopathic Physician

Like the other doctors on this list, Dr. Richard Powell also recommends that his patients drink Tyent Water.


Part 8: Top 10 Most Compelling Studies on Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline Water

There are so many benefits to be discovered from drinking alkaline hydrogen water. But are they backed up with science?

They sure are: we’ve got the facts right here! 

  1. Improving Medical End Points – Molecular Hydrogen

“Molecular hydrogen: An inert gas turns clinically effective” is an exciting introduction to the subject. It looks at the results of clinical testing over the last half-decade. It also investigates how molecular hydrogen (H2) can “Improve Medical End Points.”

What is Molecular Hydrogen (H2)? Containing only 2 hydrogen atoms, it’s the smallest molecule in the universe. Water with an abundance of hydrogen molecules contains plenty of antioxidants.

  1. Hydrogen-Rich Water Helping Athletic Performance?

 The next pilot study considers the effects of drinking hydrogen-rich water on muscle fatigue experienced by sportspeople and athletes. It later concluded that the athletes who drank hydrogen water showed improved muscle function.

Water with a high hydrogen concentration limits muscle decline brought on by prolonged exercise.

  1. Hydrogen Water Stops Parkinson’s in Its Tracks?

 This study focused on the oxidative stress that causes dopaminergic cell loss in the mid-brain. Treatment with hydrogen prevented some of the cell loss. The study further suggests hydrogen water might limit the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

While scientists need to study this more, the research is compelling so far.

  1. Hydrogen Water to Treat Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

That’s what this interesting study suggests. Oxidative stress and free radicals contribute to brain injury following carbon monoxide poisoning. Researchers identified that free radical scavengers could improve neural damage. Scientists view hydrogen therapy as an effective but inexpensive treatment for this condition.

Although the study indicated inhalation to reap the benefits of hydrogen, consuming it in water form can also be a great way to absorb it.

  1. Hydrogen Gas Improves Inflammatory Organ Damage?

Organ failure or damage is the leading cause of death in critically ill patients. This study carried out laboratory tests on mice with sepsis via cecal ligation and puncture (CLP).

Researchers found that hydrogen significantly improved their survival rates. They also suggested hydrogen might be used as a therapeutic agent in cases of inflammation-related multiple organ dysfunction.

  1. Hydrogen Water Consumption Prevents Osteopenia?

This fascinating study was carried out on rats that had undergone surgery to remove their ovaries.

The study found that hydrogen water consumption prevented the reduction of bone mass mineral content and bone mineral density.

  1. Studies on Hydrogen Water and Radiotherapy

This clinical study is compelling in its possibilities and reach. 49 patients receiving radiotherapy for malignant liver tumors were given hydrogen water or a placebo to drink prior to receiving their first radiation treatment.

Over a period of 6 weeks, the patients who consumed hydrogen-rich water experienced diminished reactive oxygen species (ROS) in their blood. The study later found consumption of hydrogen-rich water as possibly therapeutic to improve quality of life for patients who suffered radiation exposure.

  1. Hydrogen Water and Chronic Allograft Nephropathy

What is Chronic Allograft Nephropathy? Also known as sclerosing or chronic allograft nephropathy, it follows a kidney transplant months or years after the operation. High blood pressure and blood in the urine accompany kidney transplant rejection. Chronic allograft nephropathy (CAN) is the leading cause of kidney failure following a transplant.

In this study, researchers dissolved molecular hydrogen in water and gave it to the test subjects for 150 days. In conclusion, the rats given the hydrogen water showed a diminished progression of CAN.

The scientists concluded that hydrogen water improves overall survival thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Hydrogen Acts as a Therapeutic Antioxidant

Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and your body’s ability to cope with them. Doctors believe this condition is linked with the onset of serious diseases such as cancer.

The study demonstrated, using test subjects, that hydrogen can be administered as an antioxidant therapy, given its capacity to disperse and react to damaging free radicals at a cellular level.

  1. Can Alkaline Ionized Water Help Abdominal Complaints?

In this interesting study, scientists conducted double-blind clinical tests. They administered alkaline ionized water and regular tap water to a test group of 163 subjects suffering from abdominal complaints. These conditions included chronic diarrhea and dyspepsia.

In conclusion, the hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water proved to be more effective than regular water in treating the complaints.

All in all, the medical establishment is as excited and curious about the incredible possibilities of hydrogen water as we are.


Part 9: Tyent Water Provides the Healthiest Water to Drink

Aside from providing the healthiest water to drink, there are plenty more reasons to love Tyent Water ionizers! How can Tyent give you the healthiest water to drink every time? By making sure the water you get goes through the best filtration process!

Before we break down and compare each water type to Tyent Water, let’s talk about Pre-Filters! Bad water? There’s a filter for that!

  1. WIT :: Sediment Filter

The WIT :: Sediment Filter removes dust and sediment from even the most challenging source water.

A strong water filtration system will be able to give you the healthiest water to drink free of contaminants, and chemicals, and with a balanced pH level. An ordinary water filter can get clogged with sediments and residue from source waters.

With our pre-filter, it’s not a problem.

  1. Pre-Filter: WIT :: Cell Safe Anti-Scale Hard Water Filter

Brilliant for hard water areas, this inline filter helps to eliminate scale build-up which keeps your ionizer in tiptop condition.

This brilliant pre-filter doesn’t require a canister, it’s not bulky and like all of our filters, it’s very easy to install.

  1. “Soft Water Buddy” – Remineralization Filter

This is a fantastic filter for anyone who uses a water softener and particularly good for people who have a reverse osmosis unit which leaches natural minerals from your water.

Water is filtered through a 50% Calcite and 50% Corosex medium to neutralize acidic or low pH waters. Demineralized water can be re-mineralized with this filter!

  1. WIT :: T-Pure (3) Bank Filter System

Our awesome T-Pure System delivers a trilogy of filtration excellence. Sediments, fluoride, lead, and mercury are among the undesirables removed by our state-of-the-art system.

The three filtration stages to remove impurities include:

Stage 1: This removes unwanted odor and taste from the source water. It also eliminates heavy sediments for a clear, clean taste.

Stage 2: This stage reduces fluoride and arsenic.

Stage 3: The last stage uses KDF55 and Catalytic Carbon to reduce the presence of heavy and toxic metals as well as chlorine. It also acts as a filter for bacteria and scale.

  1. WIT :: 2-Bank Fluoride System

Install this dynamic filtration duo and rest assured that contaminants such as arsenic, chlorine, and nickel are being filtered out of your drinking water, leaving only the good stuff in.

This water filtration utilizes 2 stages to give you the healthiest water to drink.

Stage 1: This uses activated alumna for up to 95% reduction of fluoride and arsenic.

Stage 2: This reduces the presence of toxic chemicals and chlorine and filters out bacteria and scale.


Tyent Water vs Other Kinds of Water


  1. See How Well Water Compares to Tyent!

Well water carries a significant risk of harmful microorganisms, as well as chemicals. With no regulatory authority checking if the levels of contaminants render the water harmful, the onus is on the well owner to carry out stringent checks.

If you get your water from a well, we do recommend you get a pre-sediment filter, and possibly a 2-bank pre-filter in addition to the water ionizer if your water quality is particularly bad. For questions about getting the purest water from your well, contact one of our water experts today!

  1. The Lowdown on RO Water vs. Tyent Water

Reverse osmosis water has its place, but it’s not in your kitchen or your water jug!

Essentially “dead” water, RO water seeks to remineralize itself by scavenging minerals from your body. Not a good thing at all. Quite simply, Tyent alkaline water actively boosts your health, and reverse osmosis water does not.

Would you want to consume something that does not give your body any benefits? On the contrary, it “steals” the minerals from your body instead!

  1. Bottling Out. How Bottled Water Compares to Tyent Water

Bottled water is all too frequently just overpriced purified water without any mineral content to justify the price. What’s more, plastic can emit toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health.

That’s without even starting on the environmental disaster that all those bottles create. They may be convenient and easy to obtain but they are potentially harmful to your health and are a nightmare for the environment.

  1. Tapping into a Crisis. Tap Water vs Tyent Water

That’s all well and good, but what about good old tap water?

If we could turn on a tap and trust that the water that flows out is healthy, clean and good, then great. Sadly, the Flint, MI scandal is the tip of a very large iceberg that undermines any half-hearted reassurances from officials.

The point is, we can no longer be sure about the quality of water coming out of our faucets. A Tyent water ionizer removes the worry and restores the trust.

  1. How About Filtered Water?

Better for the environment than the bottled stuff, filtered water is tap water with some contaminants removed. Jug filters do not remove the most dangerous toxins, and there are none of the added benefits of Tyent alkaline water, but it’s a better option than many others.

  1. Tyent Water Detoxifies

We love an “at a glance” list, and what better way to tell you the long list of benefits of Tyent water than by producing one?

Get ready for the countdown because we’re about to tell you amazing alkaline water benefits. First up: detoxification.

Do you know your body is an amazing sewage system? That’s right, your body can get rid of waste in many different ways:

  • When you sweat, excess salts and water are eliminated from the body.
  • Your kidneys filter toxins that may be in the bloodstream.
  • The liver can convert toxic substances into something safe for the body or finds a way to eliminate them.
  • When you look up into a mirror, you will see those hairs inside the nose. They too can act as filters and prevent pollutants from entering.

In fact, there’s a profound connection between the liver and the kidneys.

The former breaks down the amino acids in the foods you eat into various vital components. When it does, it also creates a by-product called ammonia.

Ammonia is toxic, but the largest organ inside the body can convert it into urea, which then travels through the kidneys where it can be eliminated as urine.

These vital organs can suffer as a result of acidosis or acidic buildup in the body. Drinking clean, ionized, alkaline water can help balance your pH levels. In turn, this helps your organs.

Water Ionizer Definition: A machine that helps increase the pH level of source water through a process called electrolysis.

Give your body a boost with the awesome power of detox! You’ll feel the benefits in so many ways!

  1. Tyent Water Boosts Athletic Performance

Tyent water counts many top athletes among its fans. Why? Because alkaline ionized water is amazingly beneficial to athletic performance.

Our water filtration system changes the chemistry of water. To make it alkaline, ionization increases the number of free hydrogen atoms. These, in turn, have extra electrons.

This hydrogen-rich water is what helps athletes who participate in high-intensity exercise. During this process, the body can become anaerobic, which means it derives its energy by breaking down glucose without oxygen. The by-product is lactic acid.

Some athletes call it the enemy, since it can lead to muscle fatigue. In fact, it’s the body’s mechanism to prevent severe or even permanent damage to the muscles. Lactic buildup, though, can still be bothersome and slow down any athlete.

Tyent water has free hydrogen atoms with extra electrons to offset the oxidative stress happening in the body.

Want to learn more?

  1. Alkaline Water Supports Immunity

A 2006 Critical Care study studied the harmful effects of metabolic acidosis on the body. It revealed the condition can increase the risk of dying by 45%, especially among the critically ill.

Previous research highlighted how acidosis can lead to chronic inflammation – the body’s natural response to threat. Think of when you have a fever: you feel hot, because your immune system is working to fight the bacteria or virus causing the disease.

When your body is building up acid, it is also in a state of inflammation. Unchecked, the condition becomes chronic. Imagine your body as a house on fire. When the fire is already big enough, it’s harder to control.

When it comes to immunity, chronic inflammation can impair your immune responses. Your defense against foreign contaminants is weaker.

Tyent alkaline water helps to support and maintain a healthy balance. It can enhance your body’s ability to fight off ailments and help to heal itself by reducing acidity.

Tyent water is rich in antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals. Read this post to learn more.

  1. Alkaline Water Promotes Weight Loss

One of the world’s biggest health threats is obesity. It is a risk factor for many chronic diseases such as heart disorders, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Many things can affect a person’s susceptibility to weight gain. These include genetics, stress, and a preexisting condition. Whatever the root cause, multiple studies show how weight loss can improve a person’s quality of life.

There are many ways to approach safe, consistent weight loss, and drinking Tyent water is a great start.

Tyent water ionizers convert your source water into molecular hydrogen water. A 2012 Obesity research study cited how hydrogen water can reduce oxidative stress on the liver, which plays a key role in metabolism. Drinking hydrogen water might help you start losing weight even if you don’t exercise or diet!

  1. Tyent Water Provides Faster Hydration

The body is around 60% water, so it’s not surprising that you feel the effects of dehydration fast. Worse, dehydration can lead to an imbalance of electrolytes, which are necessary for the function of your vital organs.

Obviously, we can deal with dehydration by drinking water, but Tyent water sets itself apart from the others. Tyent alkaline water hydrates you quicker than regular water!

Ionized water has a faster gastric emptying process. This means that the water moves from the stomach to the intestines faster, so your body can absorb it more quickly.

It’s good news for everyone, especially those who are active or love to be outdoors!

  1. Tyent Water Contains Beneficial Minerals

Our bodies need minerals for growth, development, and overall health.

We need calcium to help build strong bones and reduce the risks of osteoporosis. Sodium is necessary to maintain the balance of fluids and keep muscles and nerves functioning properly.

Some filtration systems may produce purified water but at the expense of these essential minerals. One example is reverse osmosis, which creates distilled water, devoid of minerals.

Tyent filters are more intelligent, cleaning source water without stripping it of the minerals you need.

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  1. Our Alkaline Water Costs Only About 6 Cents a Glass

Hang on. Nothing costs 6¢ a glass—or does it?

Prepare to get excited because it’s true. Once you install our water ionizer, each glass of delicious, health-boosting alkaline water costs around 6 cents per glass.

That’s good value in anybody’s money!

  1. Tyent Water Has Anti-Aging Properties

We don’t want to stop the hands of time, but most of us don’t mind the idea of slowing them down a little.

Molecular hydrogen water has properties that can reduce the signs of aging:

By increasing hydration, you may also maintain the elasticity and suppleness of the skin.

Drinking Tyent water can potentially decrease the risks of chronic inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress.

Ditch the expensive face creams and drink Tyent water instead!

  1. Tyent Water Speeds up Recovery Time from Exercising

The mechanics of exercise are complex. The purpose is not only to increase endurance but also to promote muscle building and repair.

Each time you participate in strenuous exercise, you subject your muscles to injury. In turn, the body repairs them, subsequently increasing muscle mass and strength.

Because of this, intervals between workouts are essential. For pro-athletes and fitness enthusiasts, a faster recovery is desirable.

Tyent alkaline water helps to speed up recovery time and get you back on the track, in the pool or in the gym faster!

  1. Tyent Water Supports Better Memory and Concentration

Our brains are processing millions of bits of information all the time. It’s no wonder we can’t remember it all or get it in the wrong order occasionally.

Some of us are more susceptible to forgetfulness or brain fog. It can be due to many things such as stress or aging.

Drinking Tyent water can help to improve brain function. That’s something that’s definitely worth remembering!

  1. Alkaline Water Boosts Energy Levels

Are you burning the candle at both ends? Are you a parent to a new baby? Do you have deadlines at work? Perhaps you’re under a lot of stress lately?

Whatever your situation, you may be in panic mode, but your energy levels are low and you’re at a loss how to increase them. Drinking Tyent water can help to boost your energy and restore your equilibrium.



We truly hope you enjoyed our series of 104 reasons to love Tyent Water.


What do you love most about alkaline water? Let us know in the comments section below!

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