Everything You Need to Know About Molecular Hydrogen Water

You’ve heard the buzz about Molecular Hydrogen Water, but what are the facts that you need to know for your health and wellbeing?


Everything You Need to Know About Molecular Hydrogen Water


What is Molecular Hydrogen Water and Why Do Scientists Love it?

First, the big question. What exactly is Molecular Hydrogen Water? In short, it is water that is enriched with thousands of microscopic bubbles of dissolved Molecular Hydrogen, the naturally occurring gas that is propelling scientific and medical research around the world.

Why are scientists so excited about Molecular Hydrogen? Well, for 1000 reasons! Actually, even more – research into how Molecular Hydrogen can change medical outcomes is expanding all the time.

So how do those bubbles of hydrogen get inside your body? Okay, so let’s be clear here: you’re not going to find therapeutic amounts of molecular hydrogen in soda or bottled water. The very best way of delivering all of that hydrogen goodness is by drinking ionized alkaline water, straight from the water ionizer.

Molecular Hydrogen Water and Ionization

Why is that? It’s all to do with how a water ionizer works. Water from your main supply is routed through the water ionizer machine. Once inside the machine, the water flows over and around charged plates. This process is called electrolysis. It is this part of the ionization process that produces natural Molecular Hydrogen. The ionized water – now replete with thousands of bubbles of dissolved hydrogen – has been split into alkaline and acidic water and meticulously filtered, ready for you to drink!

It’s worth making plain at this point that not all water ionizers do this. Some water ionizer companies attempt it, but with poor results. Cheap water ionizers – and some that are not so cheap – tend to conceal smaller, far less powerful plates. Often, the plates are solid ones, which again are less powerful.

Why Tyent Water Ionizers Are Best

Tyent water ionizers are the market leaders because every machine we sell contains the largest, most powerful plates in the industry. Our Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates are constructed from titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum. What does this have to do with Molecular Hydrogen again? Because the greater the plate power, the more Molecular Hydrogen is in your glass of water.


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Hydrogen Water: What to Expect

So, when you drink that glass of delicious, pure hydrogen water, what can you expect? Here’s the beauty of drinking Molecular Hydrogen water: you start to feel the effects almost straight away.

  • You’ll feel hydrated: the unique structure of Hydrogen Water means that it hydrates you faster than regular water.
  • You’ll be hydrated for longer. That’s right: Molecular Hydrogen Water keeps every cell in your body hydrated for longer than plain tap or bottled water.
  • You’ll feel energized. This is one of the most instantly recognizable benefits of drinking Molecular Hydrogen Water. Tyent Water is the kitbag and locker room choice of countless athletes and sports professionals for this reason, but YOU can benefit too! Who couldn’t use more energy?
  • You’ll experience better mental focus. The brain is around 80% water. That’s why you get a headache and can’t concentrate if you’re dehydrated. Drinking Molecular Hydrogen Water can help you maintain healthy levels of hydration and feel calmer and more in control at work or studying.


Molecular Hydrogen is also a potent antioxidant. In an increasingly toxic world, antioxidants matter. Free radicals in the environment, from smoke, traffic fumes, industry, chemicals, processed food and so on, enter your body all the time. They cause and trigger cellular deterioration – a big part of the natural aging process. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals – and Molecular Hydrogen is packed with powerful levels of antioxidants.

Everyday Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen Water

As we mentioned earlier, clinical research is emerging all the time about the therapeutic benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and how its application and use can help in hundreds of different medical situations. But scientists are not just looking at how Hydrogen Water performs in a clinical setting: there are plenty of ways that Molecular Hydrogen is a gamechanger in an everyday setting as well.

  • Molecular Hydrogen can help you to get a better night’s sleep
  • Being properly hydrated with Hydrogen Water can help you to maintain healthy joints
  • Healthy, strong bones as we get older are of paramount importance. The slew of essential minerals in Molecular Hydrogen Water is vital to protect and strengthen your bones against the risk of osteoporosis.
  • If you’re a keen athlete, you’ll find that Molecular Hydrogen Water helps your muscles recover faster after exercise.
  • Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Hydrating with plenty of Hydrogen Water every day will help to keep it looking smoother and younger-looking. Just fanciful thinking? Not a bit of it: this clinical study found that Molecular Hydrogen applied directly to the skin was shown to suppress wrinkles and even reverse existing signs of aging.
  • Maintaining an optimum pH balance is key to so many aspects of robust good health. Drinking alkaline Hydrogen Water is a brilliant way to support this.
  • If you want to lose weight safely and sensibly, try switching to drinking water that contains dissolved Molecular Hydrogen to boost your metabolism and watch your weight loss efforts accelerate!
  • A strong immune system is vital. During the global pandemic, and as we head once again into the colder months, supporting your immune system means that It will support you. Drinking alkaline Hydrogen Water is a fantastic way to do just that.

Discover Alkaline Hydrogen Water

We’re proud of our reputation as innovators and market leaders in ionizer technology. Tyent has built the first water ionizer machines to produce therapeutic levels of Molecular Hydrogen at any pH level, while still delivering the best-tasting, cleanest, safest water in the industry.

Want to discover the fantastic benefits of drinking Molecular Hydrogen Water for yourself? We make the process of selecting and installing a water ionizer easy and simple. We offer Triple Advantage Financing and payments from only $25 per month. What’s more, you can try a Tyent Water Ionizer risk-free for 75 days AND every water ionizer we sell comes with a LIFETIME ‘Forever’ Guarantee.

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