15 Science-Backed Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen water is astounding doctors around the globe. Read on for the science-backed reasons why!

15 Science-Backed Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen


15 Science-Backed Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen


Hydrogen & pH Balance

  1. This fascinating study showed that hydrogen water has an alkalizing effect, potentially reducing the risk of metabolic acidosis in athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Hydrogen & DNA Damage

  1. This study showed that by scavenging hydroxyl radical formation, hydrogen provides protection against radiation-induced damage to DNA.

Hydrogen & Cancer

  1. Oxidative stress is linked to various forms of cancer and premature aging. This study shows molecular hydrogen’s protective qualities against oxidative stress-linked cancerous cells.

Hydrogen & Muscle Recovery

  1. This pilot study on the effect of hydrogen water on muscle fatigue demonstrates the science behind why top athletes trust Tyent!

Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen – Your Muscles

  1. This study looked at how molecular hydrogen prevents muscle-wasting by boosting the production of the antioxidant glutathione.

Hydrogen – Powerful Antioxidant

  1. Here, we see more of molecular hydrogen’s therapeutic antioxidant power, with scientists observing how brain injuries might be suppressed by inhaling hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen & Pain Reduction

  1. This study concluded that the hydroxyl radical scavenger hydrogen significantly reduced the levels of oxidative stress in the test subjects.

Hydrogen & Inflammation

  1. This scientific study into the effect of molecular hydrogen on chronic liver inflammation suggests that hydrogen offers ‘significant protective effects’ for the damaged liver.

Hydrogen & Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Hydrogen water can be neuroprotective in cases of Parkinson’s Disease. This study found that: “the intake of H2-water, even after MPTP administration, reduces neurotoxic damage.”

Hydrogen & Your Organs

  1. The body’s essential organs can be protected by hydrogen, as shown in this key study

Hydrogen & Cell Stability

  1. Cellular homeostasis is the process by which cells maintain stability. In this study, hydrogen water was found to support complex cellular processes.

Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen & Mitochondria

  1. In this study, molecular hydrogen was found to improve mitochondrial dysfunction in cases of polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM).

Hydrogen Has a Calming Effect on Allergic Reactions

  1. Hydrogen’s positive effect on cellular homeostasis can help allergies, according to this exciting study.

Hydrogen & Metabolic Disorders

  1. This study indicates that hydrogen works at a cellular level to improve obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Hydrogen & Oxidative Stress

  1. In this study, scientists found that hydrogen helps prevent oxidative stress from harming cells by activating antioxidant pathways.

Molecular Hydrogen’s Incredible Potential

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Originally posted October 18 2022 and updated for accuracy in June 2024

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