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Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water…Good for You, Good for Them  


animal-pets    At Tyent USA, good health is our passion. We strive to develop high-quality water ionization systems that effectively deliver the purest, healthiest water you can drink with a plethora of health benefits. Moreover, we succeed. Our award-winning alkaline water machines are some of the finest available on the market today and consistently deliver pure, healthy water at the touch of a button.



Key pad      Tyent’s user friendly control panel allows you to choose the degree of alkalinity you desire.  For cleaning fruits and vegetables, along with household cleaning, you may want to use more acidic water. For drinking water, you may choose a more alkaline setting. Both are available to you with push-button ease.


I have written many articles containing testimonials related to the numerous health-benefits of drinking Tyent ionized alkaline water by people everywhere. Rich in antioxidants, Tyent Water is a safe and natural way to promote good health.


Today however, I would like to focus on two testimonials freely given by pet owners whose beloved pets struggled with various ailments and conditions and who have benefited remarkably from drinking this same wonderful water.



Two Animal Testimonials


Mel the Asthmatic Horse

Chevy the Black German Shepherd With Cancer


We will begin with a little insight into these animals’ prior conditions, then cover the positive results they each achieved from drinking ionized alkaline water from Tyent.


 “After 35 days of drinking Tyent Alkaline Ionized Water, Mel has reduced his coughing by 90% and his energy level has increased as well.”


        Mellow Mel


When first purchased in March of 2011, Mel’s new owners were delighted.  He was a good-looking horse with a gentle disposition and his owners had visions of many years of pleasure riding ahead of them.  Their hopes were somewhat dashed however when after their first ride, they noticed that Mel’s breathing was labored and he had a slight cough and wheeze.  They were told Mel had shipping cough and that it should clear up shortly.  Two months later however, Mel’s condition had worsened and a veterinarian diagnosed him with Heaves (horse Asthma).   When, after changing feeds, given a steroid shot and other recommended remedies didn’t work, they tried Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water.


Here is what they say about Mel now.


“I am thrilled to report that his symptoms of breathing attacks (which is noted from constant coughing) are non-existent as long as he stays on Tyent Water. We have had several occasions during the summer where the Tyent water supply ran out for 2 days or so, and I had to fill his tub with the regular barn (well) water.  He went RIGHT BACK TO COUGHING IMMEDIATELY. Then, when the Tyent Water was replenished, he was better again.”


That is some pretty remarkable testimony there.  Today, Mel is well and his owners could not be happier!

Next up is a woman who discovered that all her pets love drinking Tyent Water.

Jane Phillips is happy to share stories of love about her pets and their love for Tyent Water.  I’ll let her tell you their story.  


“We now give all our dogs Tyent water, we drink it, and our cats do, too. 




“Tyent has changed our lives.”

When our black German shepherd dog, Chevy (pictured) developed mammary cancer, a fast spreading type, our chiropractor recommended Tyent Alkaline water. Chevy lived twice the Veterinary Oncologist’s estimate without suffering. We now give all our dogs Tyent Water, we drink it, and our cats do, too. I even give it the guinea pig, and I actually just used the water to add to my tropical fish tank; it requires so much less “conditioning” than tap water.


There are more stories about happy pets and their owners on our web site.



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