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                                                                          Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!

BABY Its-Friday


 Well, it’s Friday around here.  It’s probably Friday where you are too.  The days go by so quickly…except during the week.  Ha!

Here at Tyent USA, after a rewarding, albeit tiring week of work, it’s time to take a breath, unwind and enjoy a laugh or two.

Here are a few funny jokes to close out the week.


Three wishes

Three men were shipwrecked, marooned, stranded on this island for ten years together when one day, a bottle washes ashore.  One of the men picks it up and begins rubbing off the moss and sand when suddenly, a Genie pops out.

“You have freed me from the bottle,” he exclaims. “I will grant you each one wish!”

The first guy blurts out “I wanna be back in Texas on my ranch in front of the fireplace having supper with my family!”

Poof!  He’s gone.

The second guy says, “Well, I’m not married, so I want to be in Las Vegas surrounded by beautiful women with all the money I can spend!”

Poof!  He’s gone.

The third guy looks around and mutters, “I wish those other two guys were here!”


Island Man


In this next joke, if you’ve ever known anyone that gambles in canadian casinos, then you know they can be a little quirky in how they decide to bet.


Man in horse suit


The compulsive gambler

A man goes out to his mailbox before work one morning and pulls five pieces of mail from the box.  As he looks it over, he can’t help but notice the postmark is the fifth day of the fifth month.  On his way to work, he sees a license plate that reads 5-5-5.

“That’s it!…I’m calling my bookie right now!”

So he calls his bookie and says “I want the fifth horse in the fifth race for $500.00!”

“The odds are five to one” his bookie informs him.

“Perfect!” cries the man.

His bookie phones him after the race. “He came in fifth.”


What’s in a name?

old+couple    An elderly couple had some friends over for dinner one night and as the ladies talked in the kitchen, the men conversed in the living room.  The guest said to his friend, “We ate at that new restaurant in town last night and the food was very good!” “Really?” his friend said. “What’s the name of it?”  “It’s uh…uh…we were just there last night…it’s uh…really good food…down on the square…new place and it’s called uh…dang it!” “What is that flower called, the red one, it has thorns, you give it to someone to show that you love them?”  “A rose?” his friend asks. “Rose! Yes, that’s it!”  The man turns toward the kitchen and yells “Rose!…what’s the name of that restaurant we ate at last night?”


Okay then, I’m out of here.  I know this is an old one, but with the draft coming up and training camp going to begin in the NFL, I thought this would be fun to watch.


Have a Fun Friday and great weekend everybody!


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