Healthy Alkaline Water, Fact or Fiction?

                                                     Ionized Alkaline Water…Fact or Fiction?       26065349-lies-truth-buttons-showing-untrue-or-correct 

 “Tell the truth…or someone will tell it for you.

That is a great quote from author, Stephanie Klein.

Since I began researching and writing about Tyent ionized alkaline water, I have learned a considerable amount about it.  I have read testimony after testimony of the remarkable health benefits derived from drinking alkaline water by its legions of believers.  I also have read about the way it improved the health of so many people with certain illnesses and afflictions.  Admittedly, what I learned was impressive.  However, I also heard some negative things about ionized alkaline water, such as; it’s snake oil…merely a placebo, Voodoo science and so on.  With so much information and misinformation floating around, I wanted to know, what was the truth, moreover, the truth according to whom?  Therefore, I did some more research and I’d like to share with you what I learned.


A Few Proven Upsides of Ionized Alkaline Water

  • An alkaline environment inhibits the growth of free radicals
  • Raises the bodies pH level
  • Smaller water molecules mean better hydration
  • Retains necessary minerals often missing in other water
  • Creates an alkaline environment hostile to many diseases

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What the Nay Sayers Say

  • As with many natural remedies, its benefits haven’t been consistently proven in a lab
  • The people that drink it want it to work, so it has a placebo effect
  • It’s just a scam and costs too much
  • They pay doctors to say good things about alkaline water
  • They claim tap-water and exercise produce the same results.

Let’s look at a few of these, beginning with the first one.  The lab. Granted, a more holistic approach to good health is difficult to nail down in a laboratory.  I mean, look at vitamins.  Some people say they offer no benefit whatsoever while others take them religiously and swear by their results.  


With alkaline water though, there is significant scientific proof that a higher alkaline level in the body deters many acidic borne illnesses.   “They pay doctors to say good things.”  Tyent doesn’t.  I like this one, “It’s just a placebo”.  I can’t speak for you, but when something works for me, you can call it what you will…it doesn’t change the fact that it worked.

Dirty water glass               Tap water and Exercise       Jumping Jacks

I love this one.  We all know that regular exercise is good for you, but tap water?  Please.  One study showed that over 240 chemicals were present in tap water.  Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water contains zero chemicals.   So how does one really know what to believe?  Personally, I would have to say that believe that ionized alkaline water drinkers do have the strength of science behind them to support some of their claims and not to mention, their own personal experiences and results.  It is a scientifically proven fact that free radicals, as well as many other diseases and illnesses cannot live in an alkaline environment.  And drinking alkaline water creates such an environment in the body.

In regards to the cost, that’s a personal choice one has to decide for themselves. What price for improved health?

If you’re considering investing in your health with alkaline water, do your homework and decide for yourself if ionized alkaline water from Tyent is right for your life.

For more information and to read for yourself what people have to say about ionized alkaline water, please follow this link. 



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