Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday!




Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday!

Yes, it’s finally that day of the week that we all work towards…Friday!  If you’re anything like us here at Tyent USA, by the time Friday shows up on the calendar, it’s time to relax a little, have some fun and just unwind after a busy week of work.

Last week, people seemed to get a kick out of the real life dumb criminal stories that police officers across the country had told me personally, so I thought I’d tell a few more to perhaps brighten your day a little and maybe even put a smile on your face as we roll into the weekend!

This story is about a guy the police named Bad Luck Brown.

Bad Luck Brown

The name says it all and this guy really earned his moniker.  He was well known by every cop in town because over the years he had many run-ins with them and not once did he ever successfully pull off one of his crimes. Here are but two of his many failed attempts.

The first time the police crossed paths with Bad Luck he had attempted to rob a liquor store by handing the clerk a note that read, “I have a gun…give me all the money in the drawer”.  Seeing what appeared to be a gun barrel poking out from under the man’s shirt the clerk started to comply when suddenly, Bad Luck’s finger broke through a hole in the tattered old shirt and exposed the ruse. The clerk quickly shut the drawer. Busted, Bad Luck Brown ran from the store as the clerk phoned the police.

When they arrived, the clerk handed one of them the robbery note.  As the detective turned it over he noticed something that he couldn’t believe was true.  Bad Luck Brown had written the note on the only piece of paper he had in his pocket. A bank deposit slip he had filled out, complete with his full name and address on it. The police arrived at his apartment about the same time he did and arrested him. However, he hadn’t gotten his nickname yet.

The next time the police came into contact with ‘ol Bad Luck was when a call came into the station at around 5:00 A.M. from a woman who called to report a disturbance at a local warehouse.  She reported that a crazy man was beating up his car.  When the police arrived on scene they found a man still cursing and screaming while pounding on the hood of his car with his fists.  That’s what had awakened the neighbors.  As the police got closer, one of them recognized the beat up old station wagon that was being pummeled.  “Oh no…it’s Bad Luck Brown!” He exclaimed.  Here’s what had happened.  In the middle of the night Bad Luck had decided to break-in to the warehouse to steal some car batteries.  Being a short guy however, he couldn’t get up to the window to get in and had taken a barrel and rolled it underneath the window to stand on.  He then climbed onto the barrel and was then able to break the window and gain entrance.  He toiled for hours, as it was no easy task lifting those heavy car batteries up through the window, climbing down from the barrel and loading them into the back of his car one at a time.  By the time the sun was coming up, Bad Luck Brown had 38 stolen car batteries loaded into the back of his station wagon.  He smiled, realizing that for perhaps the first time, he was about to get away with a crime.  Nope.  As he wiped the sweat from his brow and caught his breath, he inserted the car key into the ignition and gave it a turn. Nothing.  Again he tried only to hear a long clicking sound.  Ironically, and true to his namesake, Bad Luck Brown had a dead battery!

He told the police that after spending half the night loading the thirty-eight car batteries into the back of his wagon only to discover that his battery was dead…was just too much.  He snapped like a raw carrot and began beating on the hood of his car while cursing his bad luck; ultimately waking up the neighbors.

One officer told me he had never met a criminal with such consistently bad luck and said he had asked Bad Luck if he’d ever thought about another line of work.  He said Brown told him he was seriously considering it.  Good idea.

Well, being it’s Friday, I’m going to wrap this up by giving you this YouTube link to a prank video. You may have seen this one but I could watch it over and over.  In fact, I have.  I love pranks.  They are harmless and fun and give us a chance to let off a little steam and to laugh at other people…without getting caught. Ha!

So have a laugh on us and a truly wonderful weekend because, Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


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