Ditch your Phone Alarm (Sooo Rewarding!)

You should really ditch your phone alarm!  Buy an alarm clock and it will change your life. We’re not kidding. You’ll reap the rewards from the first morning – you’ll wonder why it took you so long to stop using your phone alarm and start using an alarm clock! Check out the 3 main reasons to go old-skool on your wake-up call now!


Ditch your Phone Alarm


1. You switch off your light and have one more peek at your phone… y’know… to check that the alarm is set (again). What happens here is that you get a short blast of the ‘blue light’ that messes with your natural circadian Your body responds and thinks that it’s morning, even though you’re going to bed.

It’s not only your sleepy brain that feels scrambled as a result – it impacts the essential jobs that your digestive and hormonal systems need to perform during the nocturnal hours. The takeaway? Checking and rechecking your phone before bedtime is a bad idea, and a major reason to ditch your phone as your alarm clock.


2. It’s the middle of the night and you’ve just woken up. Most of us do one thing here: immediately check to see what the time is. When you do, you happen to see that email you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Oh, and a WhatsApp message from your sister because of that thing you didn’t get around to doing. But wait. It’s 3.53 am. What are you doing? An alarm clock doesn’t remind you to file urgent paperwork or text your boss. It tells you the time at a glance, and lets you slide calmly back to sleep. Another awesome reason to ditch your phone as your alarm.


3. When you use your phone as your alarm, you’re wired into communication, work, life, etc. You’re never ‘off’ because your phone never is. Try this: when you ditch your phone as your alarm, leave it out of your bedroom altogether. Use an alarm clock to wake you up and keep your phone for business hours only.


P.S. Can we also mention that trad-style alarm clocks look way more stylish than the ubiquitous smartphone with its wires dangling all over the place? Just saying.


Small Change, Big Difference: Ditch Your Phone Alarm for the Best Night’s Sleep!

Make the decision to ditch your phone as an alarm clock and see what a difference it makes. Let’s face it, it’s a small tweak to make, but the rewards – deeper, more nourishing sleep every night – are huge.


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