The Crucial Relationship Between Sleep and Hydration 

Sleep is essential to life. Most of us sleep at night, and during that time, your body carries out vital jobs to keep you healthy, many of which can only take place while you’re sleeping.  

The Crucial Relationship Between Sleep and Hydration 

The Science of Sleep 

Scientists are constantly studying the mysteries of sleep, to uncover more of the amazing things that your body does while you’re dreaming. One scientific area of considerable interest is the importance of hydration to your sleep cycle. 

Sleep to Your (Circadian) Rhythm 

The relationship between sleep and hydration is key to a healthy, nourishing sleep cycle. Your slumber is determined largely by your Circadian rhythm – your sleep/wake cycle – which itself is inextricably linked to the cycle of day and night, light and dark. 

Dehydration & Sleep 

Failure to drink enough water leads to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration that can disturb sleep include: 

  • Dry mouth 
  • Dry nasal passages 
  • Headaches 
  • Cramps/muscle pain 

Getting Nighttime Hydration Right 

Conversely, excessive hydration – loading up on too much water – can also give you an interrupted night’s sleep. Nocturia is the term given to nighttime trips to the bathroom, which is one of the main causes of poor sleep, especially in older people. 

So… drinking too little water can mean a poor night’s sleep, but so can drinking too much water? How are you supposed to get it right? The answer is to drink Tyent Alkaline Water – for a very special reason.  

Sleep Better with Tyent Water 

Tyent Alkaline Water is infused with natural molecular hydrogen – unlike tap or bottled water. Its unique properties mean that it is more hydrating than regular water. In other words, you can drink less Tyent Water before turning in for the night, without worrying about dehydration. Less water means fewer bathroom wake-up calls! 

Dehydrated Through Lack of Sleep?  

There is also some evidence that the sleep/hydration link is cyclical in another way. A cross-cultural US/Chinese study of 20,000 adults concluded that people who sleep for fewer hours per night were more likely to be dehydrated.  

Depending on your body composition and metabolic rate, you can lose around 25 ml of water per hour while sleeping through perspiration, urination and other bodily functions. Because you’re not drinking water or other fluids during the night, it is important to drink water before going to sleep.  

If you drink Tyent Alkaline Water before you turn in, those nighttime hours can deliver healthful benefits, including: 

  • Better, longer lasting hydration with less water 
  • Delicious, clean, safe water free of contaminants 
  • Potent antioxidant goodness 
  • Essential minerals 

Sleep is Good for Your Health  

Could you use a better night’s sleep? Getting enough good quality sleep every night is linked to better health outcomes, better heart health, a stronger immune system and even a longer life. 

A good sleep routine makes for a good night’s sleep. Try this: 

  • Leave your phone in another room and use an alarm clock instead 
  • Make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet 
  • Keep the temperature of your bedroom comfortable – not too warm or cold 
  • Read a few pages of a book to help you unwind 
  • Enjoy a glass of Tyent Alkaline Water to help you sleep better 

The Tyent Water Ionizer of Your Dreams! 

Our water ionizer experts love helping people find the perfect Tyent machine for their home and lifestyle. Give them a call to discover your dream match and wake up to Tyent Alkaline Water! 

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