Embrace Clean Beauty with a Tyent Water Ionizer

The Clean Beauty movement is set to get even bigger in 2023 – and we’re excited for it!

As more people reject the idea of applying chemical-packed products to their skin, there is a growing desire for a more natural approach to beauty.

Your Skin is Amazing!

The skin is your biggest organ. It is nothing short of amazing, protecting your body from bacteria and extreme temperatures, among its many vital jobs. Our skin is out there for everyone to see, all the time. It’s right that we want to treat it well, and make sure that it looks good too!

The Chemicals in Skincare

Layering your precious skin with dozens of chemical ingredients – the average American woman applies more than 150 chemicals to her skin every day – might be doing more harm than good. Research tells us that suspected carcinogens and hormone disrupters such as formaldehyde, parabens and phthalates are still used in many hair and body products today.

With even more toxic beauty news – a 2018 report by the Environmental Working Group identified the dreaded PFAS ‘Forever’ chemicals in 200 cosmetic products from 28 brands – it’s not hard to see why the Clean Beauty movement is, well… cleaning up.

Clean Up Your Beauty Routine with Tyent Beauty Water

Did you know that your Tyent Water Ionizer produces its very own, completely natural Beauty Water? That’s right! The ionization process inside your water ionizer produces two streams of water – delicious alkaline water to hydrate your body and support good health, and acidic water.

Now while you cannot drink acidic water, its unique properties mean that Tyent Acidic Water is perfect for augmenting your existing beauty routine. Even better, natural Tyent Beauty Water can replace expensive beauty products in your bathroom, including:

  • Skin toner – Acidic Level 1 Tyent Beauty Water has the same pH as your skin, which means you can tone your complexion beautifully, without stripping away your skin’s natural protective oils.
  • Mouthwash – Acidic Beauty Water makes the perfect naturally antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Hair glosser – Give your hair a final rinse with Tyent Acidic Water to help the cuticles of each hair lie flat to reflect the light for a deep, smooth shine.

How amazing is that? Not only does your Tyent Water Ionizer help you to feel better, but it also helps you to look fabulous as well!

Sensitive Skin? This is for You!

If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, Tyent Beauty Water is perfect for you. With no toxic ingredients to irritate your skin, and with the perfect pH balance, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your skin is in good hands.

Clean Water, Clean Beauty

The combination of hydrating with clean, safe Tyent Alkaline Water and using Tyent Beauty Water on your skin and hair is a powerful one! Get ready to see results fast and glow into Springtime!

Want to find out more about what Tyent Alkaline Water can do for you? Grab your copy of our FREE eBook today!

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