Water Ionizers Can Help Your Skin to Shine!

If you suffer from mild acne, eczema or a similar skin condition, then being gentle with your skin and using a soft approach can be very effective.

Could your skin use some TLC?

Skin Problems? You’re Not Alone.

With around 60 million Americans suffering from acne, and 32 million people in the US experiencing symptoms of eczema – if you do have outbreaks yourself, then you’re not alone!

Always follow the advice of your doctor or healthcare provider about any treatment and products you may need for your own symptoms, but it’s worth thinking about how we wash our skin and more specifically, the water we shower and bathe in.

Your Amazing Skin! – Explained

Your skin is amazingly complex. Known as the largest organ of your body, your skin needs to maintain a pH of 4-6, with the optimal pH at 5.5.

The slightly acidic ‘mantle’ of your skin is formed by a layer of sweat combining with your skin’s sebum and is essential to protecting your skin against unwanted microorganisms.

Respecting the natural pH of your skin is vital to your skin remaining healthy. Stripping away the acidic mantle of your skin leaves your skin vulnerable to infection from bacteria.

 Acidic Water from Your Water Ionizer

Acidic level 1 water has a pH of 5.5 – which is the same pH as your skin!

Washing with acidic level 1 water from your Tyent water ionizer machine is the perfect way to maintain that pH balance. You can even put some of this acidic level 1 water into a spray bottle to help cool yourself down and give yourself a skin-balancing boost during the warm summer days.

When biting insects are out in full force over the summer months, the antiseptic properties of turbo acidic water can also help to soothe mild skin irritations! How neat is that?

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8 thoughts on “Water Ionizers Can Help Your Skin to Shine!

  1. All this time, I thought that buying expensive products would help me get rid of acne. Wrong. So many of them worsened my skin. Maybe Tyent water is the solution. Lol

    1. Hi, Kathryn. We’re sorry to hear about what happened. We recommend consulting your dermatologist if you want a full assessment. However, should you want to use our alkaline water for your skin and hydration needs, we’ll be happy to help. Please call us at 855-893-6887 for more info.

    1. Hi, Quinn. Thanks for your question. Yes, our water ionizers produce both acidic and alkaline water, but only alkaline water is for drinking. The acidic water, specifically level 1, is used for rinsing your skin and hair since it has the same pH level as your skin (we call this “Beauty Water”). You can also use it to soothe your throat and nose when they’re sore and stuffy and to clean minor cuts and scrapes.

      In more detail, the Tyent Water Ionizer works like this: the water goes through an electrolysis chamber to separate the alkaline water from the acidic water (pulls them apart and creates two streams). Acidic pH water comes out of one side and alkaline comes out of the other side (through tubes).

      When you press the button to choose the type of water that you want, the long tube on the top dispenses the water of your choice, and the smaller tube is the runoff. The runoff is the opposite of the water that you choose. Some people save the runoff. For example, if you choose alkaline water to drink, then the runoff would be acidic. Acidic water is good for your skin and hair and to water your plants. I also use it to clean, especially for containers that hold onto soapy or food smells when they come out of the dishwasher. You can always test the pH with the drops that were sent in the box to make sure the pH is right (in a little bag or box with a small pH chart).

  2. How can a water ionizer help to achieve my healthy skin goals? Do I need to keep getting water from my ionizer to bring to the shower??

    1. Hi, Kaleb. If you want to use acidic water as a rinse, you can collect water from your ionizer and store it in a large container so you don’t have to keep replenishing your supply every time you shower.

      Tyent’s acidic “Beauty Water”, which has the same pH as our skin, is great for rejuvenating and invigorating our scalp and face. For more info on the proper water temperatures and water type for showering, please refer to this article.

    1. Hi, Ian. It definitely can! We call our acidic level 1 water “Beauty Water” because it’s so beneficial to both our skin and hair. Plus, it can clean scratches or wounds really well.

      Find out more about these amazing uses of our water when you get your own Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet.

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