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Under Counter Water Ionizers

Counter Top Water Ionizer Model

MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer

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MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer

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Portable Water Ionizers

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"I, now, take a Tyent water purifier on the road with me."

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Working out the other day, with my fitness instructor, one of the ladies out there came up with this question about Alkaline Water and Water Ionizers. She wanted to know the benefits of replacing her “pure” bottled water with Alkaline Water.

This is a common question that arises in the hearts of many when you hear about Alkaline Water and Water Ionizers.

And, since I was an Ionizer advocate, I took that opportunity to educate that entire group with the specifics of Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water.

What is Alkaline Water? And, what are its benefits?

Alkaline Water is water that has pH level greater than seven.
Alkaline water is also known commercially as- “Ionized Water” or “Antioxidant Water” or “Kangen Water” or “Ion Water”

Why do I need Alkaline Water?

The alkaline water is healthier than normal water and helps the body to rehydrate faster and maintain a better alkaline pH.
The normal diet of a man contains food that are mainly acidic, which subsequently creates an imbalance in their blood pH level; for which they are forced to take vital minerals such as Magnesium and Calcium, for their bones, tissues and teeth.

Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline water is thought to normalize the blood flow by normalizing the blood pH levels. This is because the alkaline water is more effective in penetrating cells, thus helping your body to stay hydrated for a long period of time. The alkaline water is able to prevent your hair and skin from becoming dry.
The daily conception of alkaline water can help in preventing diseases associated with the bone and cellular degradation, such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and assorted type of Kidney disorders. Additionally, the daily intake of alkaline water slows down the aging process, helping to fight the tooth decay and prevent bone loss.

What Makes Alkaline Water?

The water ionizer is the machine that produces the alkaline water.

Water Ionizer- How it Works?

It purifies and converts your everyday tap water (the PH of normal tap water is 7) into ultra-pure ionized alkaline water (with PH above 7). This conversion of normal tap water to ionized alkaline water happens through the process of Electrolysis.

Tyent Water Ionizer at a Glance

The Tyent Ionizer Company’s series of water ionizer are available as Under Counter Water Ionizer and Counter top Water Ionizer. The Tyent ionizer company’s brand of ionizers infuses your alkaline water with antioxidant benefits.

  • The Tyent’s Ionizer Company’s entire brand of ionizer produces pure alkaline water that ensures you a longer duration of hydration and a better immune system.
  • Tyent Ionizers produces water with premium antioxidant levels, also known as negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP).
  • The alkaline water produced by the Tyent’s water ionizer machine is capable of boosting your daily metabolism thus resulting in an increased energy. It also protects your body from damaging the free radicals.
  • The brand also makes sure that the alkaline water produced is good enough to promote healthy weight loss and healthy weight maintenance.
  • The economic and slim design of the Tyent’s water ionizer machine, for both the Under-counter water ionizers and countertop water ionizers, ensures not to eat up your entire space.
  • The antioxidant content in the alkaline water produced by the Tyent’s water ionizers is capable of slowing down the aging process, helping you and your skin to maintain that healthy glow.
  • The Tyent alkaline water machine produces the purest alkaline water. It helps to provide amazing health benefits –and also acts as a detoxifying agent at the cellular level.
  • Various Water Ionizer Machines from Tyent

    1) Electric Water Ionizer

    The two models of electric water ionizers available from the Tyent are: The Under Counter Water Ionizer and The Counter top Water Ionizer model.

    • Counter top Water Ionizer
      MMP-9090 Turbo Water Ionizer - (9 Plates)
      MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer - (11 Plates)
    • Under Counter Water Ionizer
      UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer - (9 Plates)
      UCE-11 Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer – (11 Plates)
      • The Tyent water ionizers are manufactured from genuine medical grade Platinum dipped Titanium plates, ensuring the longest life to our water ionizers. This confidence in Tyent's manufacturing stability and ability has encouraged us offer lifetime guarantee for all our water ionizer units.

        2) Portable Water Ionizer (Non Electric Ionizer)

        Tyent is the only ionizer company to offer a portable version of the water ionizer machine – The TYgo. Technically the water ionizer uses electricity to produce alkaline rich water. Therefore, TYgo isn’t actually a water ionizer, but it uses the alkaline minerals to produce water with an alkaline pH and is capable of serving you with great and quick alkaline water on the go.

        And, we are proud to say that Tyent is the best water ionizer brand available, till date.

        So, What Suits You Best?

        The Under Counter Water Ionizer or the Countertop Water Ionizer?

        Deciding on which product to buy depends totally your mental call. Both the Countertop and the under the counter Water Ionizer from Tyent are well designed to produce the best alkaline water you can ever get.
        The Tyent Ionizer Company’s MMP-11 water ionizer is Tyent’s countertop water ionizer. This ionizer is very thin, so unlike other ionizer brands, the Tyent Ionizer Company’s version of a countertop ionizer that will not take up much countertop space. If you don’t want to give up any countertop space at all, then look into The Tyent Ionizer Company’s UCE-11 under-the-counter water ionizer.

        Why is The Tyent Ionizer Company’s Ionizer the Top Rated Water Ionizer?

        The Tyent Ionizer Company’s series of ionizers are the ONLY water ionizers with the following cutting edge technology:

        • ReGen® Advanced Antioxidants: A Tyent Ionizer Exclusive! Our water ionizers have an exclusive electrolysis process which creates super-charged antioxidants in each glass of our alkaline water that’s produced by all of our water ionizer types (countertop or under-the-counter). ReGen® Advanced Antioxidants help ward off the damaging effects of free radicals, which can lead to disease, cell damage, and accelerated aging. Don’t purchase an ionizer without it.
        • >Micro-Hydrate® ReClustering: Another Tyent Ionizer Exclusive! The electrolysis chamber of our water ionizer is specially designed for the water to flow in a kinetic wave pattern. The result is that Tyent ionizers produce the most hydrating alkaline water on the planet.
        • Simple Touch® Display: Tyent offers modern, easy-to-use LCD touch-screens on all ionizers. Its unique ionizer touch-screens are as intuitive as today’s most popular smart phones.
        • Ultra Filtration® with SmartSense®: Tyent’s Alkaline water filter are smarter than your average ionizer filter. Our ionizer filters detect the impurities in your water and signal to you when your ionizer filters need to be replaced based on how “dirty” they are. Now that’s convenient! No more guessing when to buy ionizer filters. Plus, this unique ionizer feature will help save you money because SmartSense® can detect the amount of impurities in your own personal source water. Since each person’s source water is different, this water ionizer feature is necessary. However, it’s unique to Tyent water ionizers.

        The Best Alkaline Water: How to Travel Around With It

        As you can’t take your water ionizer machine on to the road, you can simply turn to one of the Tyent Ionizer Company’s portable options, by using the GoodLife Traveler Bottles. GoodLife Traveler bottles allow you to transport your pure, ionized alkaline water everywhere you go.

        GoodLife Stainless Steel bottles are specially designed bottles for carrying alkaline water, which helps to maintain the beneficial alkaline water properties for longer duration.

        Also, don’t miss the TYgo, the incredibly convenient portable alkalizer. This baby is not an ionizer; however, it produces alkaline water on the go for when you don’t have your Water Ionizer with you.

        Why is that the Pre-packaged Alkaline Water Bottles isn’t the answer?

        Buying bottled alkaline water is not as convenient as owning a Water Ionizer Machine because:

        • You have to carry heavy alkaline water bottles to and from the store every time.
        • Bottled alkaline water is expensive and does not have the antioxidant benefits you receive from alkaline water that’s produced by a water ionizer.
        • And, those plastic alkaline bottles are an eco-disaster! Not to mention the leeching of chemicals and toxins into your “healthy” alkaline water.

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