Get That Vacation Feeling with Alkaline Water!

You know that vacation glow that you only get from a precious week or two away from whatever it is you do the rest of the year?  Whether it’s taking care of the family, studying or working; we all need that precious downtime to restore ourselves.

Wish you were here…?

But how about trying to recapture that vacation glow without the vacation? Is that even possible?  Sure it is!

Even if you haven’t got a day off for the rest of the month, you can still incorporate one or two of these vacation goals to bring a shine to the daily grind!

Eat Something Exotic!

Prepare a fabulously exotic fruit salad by using your favorite fruits, such as papaya, passion fruit, mango or pineapple. Splash over a little freshly squeezed orange juice, grate some sweet coconut over the top and tear a few mint leaves over the finished salad.


Seriously? Yes! If you think you never have time to relax, then it’s a sign that you need to!

Relax for an afternoon, or even just for an hour by yourself. Get a magazine or a book, switch off your phone (or even lock it in a drawer!) and find the quietest spot you can, either at home, the garden or even a local green space. Don’t think about jobs or chores – they can wait.

Consider this period of calm, joyful bliss a gift to yourself, and thoroughly enjoy every minute.

Drink Something Fabulous – such as Tyent Alkaline Water!

Nothing is going to give you a better glow than being hydrated, so pour yourself a tall glass of chilled Tyent alkaline water and enjoy!

The molecular hydrogen in every glass of our alkaline water will energize and revive you from deep within every cell. The naturally occurring antioxidants in our hydrogen water help to neutralize pesky free radicals that can make you feel jaded and dull and will help restore your bounce!

Okay, this might not leave you feeling the same as you would feel after two weeks on a sun-soaked beach with the water lapping at your toes, but you might be surprised at how effective even an hour of calm and ‘me-time’ can be for your mental and emotional health.

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