What is Hydrogen Water?

We hear a lot about it, but what exactly is hydrogen water? Why is it so different from regular water, and why should you drink it?

First of all, molecular hydrogen (H2) – what is it? The smallest, lightest molecule in the known universe, is also the most abundant and is almost as old as the universe itself. It’s partly molecular hydrogen’s size that makes it so useful in terms of our health: small enough to cross the blood/brain barrier, it can literally get into the places that other elements can’t.

So molecular hydrogen in water: why do we need that and why do we keep hearing so much about it?

1000 + Clinical Trials

Over 1000 clinical trials and studies over the last few years have extolled the therapeutic potential of molecular hydrogen, with new, positive results and outcomes published – it seems – almost weekly.

One of the most profound benefits that scientists are excited about is molecular hydrogen’s antioxidant properties. Our bodies are under attack every day from oxidative stress in the form of damaging free radicals.

Free radicals corrupt healthy cells in their search for electrons to stabilize themselves. The powerful antioxidants in molecular hydrogen help to stop the unstable free radicals in their tracks, by donating one of its electrons (H2 molecules carry 2 of them), which stabilizes and neutralizes the free radical.


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Incredible Benefits of Ionized Hydrogen Water!

The process of electrolysis – the magic that happens inside a water ionizer machine – floods the water with dissolved, bio-available molecular hydrogen. At the press of a button, you can enjoy freshly ionized, delicious hydrogen water, and all the benefits that it delivers, including:

Tyent: A Company You Can Trust

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