How a Water Ionizer Can Help You Sleep Better

It used to be cool to eschew sleep. ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ and ‘sleep is for losers’ were phrases that people actually once said to each other; probably while trying to emulate the rumored 4-hours-per-night sleep habits of Martha Stewart and that lazy so-and-so Tom Ford, who snoozes in his self-designed sheets for an indulgent three hours every night.

A water ionizer can improve the quality of your sleep.


By and large, the sea of change has happened (probably while we were sleeping), and many of us now value sleep a lot more.


How We Learned to Love Sleeping

It’s no longer just that thing we do when we’re not being awake: our entire physiology depends on rebooting and renewing ourselves at night. In fact, scientists believe that we’re only just beginning to comprehend how vital sleep is.

And there’s a new cool kid on the block: getting an early night. Now, we’re all trying to outdo each other with how early we get to bed, because sleep…is like…amazing.

It’s easy to understand why: sleep is inextricably linked to better health. A good night’s sleep, taken on a regular basis is crucial for a healthy body and mind. Look at a few of the different benefits that sleep can bestow on us:


  • Better immune system
  • Good for the cardiovascular system
  • Helps to support healthy metabolism
  • Can help to regulate blood pressure
  • Makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Makes us feel calmer and happier
  • Improves the memory
  • Boosts cognitive function


Now, why would you skip any of that?

Well, possibly because some people don’t have a choice, and find it harder to sleep well. Poor health and insomnia are two reasons why people don’t get the sleep they need. Although any long-term sleep issues should be discussed with the doctor, there are easy steps you can take at home to improve the quality of your sleep.

Make sure that:

  • Your mattress is supportive and comfortable
  • The room is completely dark
  • The temperature is neither too hot or too cold
  • Try to stick with a regular sleep schedule
  • Make sure that you’re hydrated


Stay Hydrated and Sleep Well

As well as all of that amazing hydrogen, alkaline ionized water is packed with vital minerals essential for good health. Antioxidant-rich hydrogen water also helps to maintain an optimum pH balance.

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You lose fluids at night during your hours of sleep, so being properly hydrated helps to counter this.

To avoid too many trips to the bathroom during the night, avoid drinking too much water just before bedtime. Instead, follow The Sleep Foundation’s advice to drink water regularly throughout the day. That’s easy when you have a water ionizer and clean, freshly ionized water on tap that tastes amazing!


Snoozy Suggestions

Got any sleep tips you’d like to share? Does soothing music or scented oil lull you to sleep? What works for you?

If you need to improve the quality of your sleep, try our tips and let us know how you make out!


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10 thoughts on “How a Water Ionizer Can Help You Sleep Better

  1. One of my favorite bedtime routine steps is to get a glass of cold alkaline water and take sips before I sleep. Really helps calm me down and makes me sleep better.

    1. Hi, Seth. That’s lovely to hear. Consuming the appropriate amounts of water every day, whether it’s when you wake up or when you’re about to head to bed, is important to our overall health.

  2. I find it hard to drink water right away in the mornings because I’m so used to having juice. Any tips?

    1. Hi, Tanya. If you want more flavor in your morning glasses of water, we recommend adding fruits or veggies to your water, like slices of lemon or cucumber. You’ll be getting the good nutritional properties of these foods, too! If you want to keep drinking juice in the mornings, we suggest whipping up some of these yummy fruit and veggie juice recipes that could also serve as light breakfasts. Make these with alkaline water to preserve and even bring out the flavors of these juices.

  3. Gosh yeah, sleep is AMAZING. We all used to take advantage of naps in kindergarten but man, you appreciate those more the older you get.

    1. Hi, Dakota. We totally agree with you!

      Getting a good night’s sleep is easier when you’re able to establish the proper routine for your body to follow every day. Good sleep is essential to keeping us energized and alert.

      Drinking a glass of alkaline water before bed helps you fall asleep more easily, so if you’d like to find out more about that, please give us a call at 855-893-6887.

    1. Hi, Whitney. I’m sorry to hear about your sluggishness. It sounds like something you go through often, so I would recommend contacting your general health practitioner for a full assessment. If they suggest drinking alkaline or hydrogen water, please give one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887.

      If you’d like to increase your energy naturally, you can read this blog for tips that are easy to follow. Let us know if these work for you.

  4. Chronic insomnia has been haunting so many of my nights for years now. I don’t know if drinking water before bed is really gonna help with that.

    1. Hi, Ella. I’m sorry to hear about your insomnia. Have you tried seeing a health professional for that? If not, or even if you have, I still recommend seeking a doctor or practitioner’s help.

      However, drinking water before bed is truly very important. Being properly hydrated contributes to how well you sleep since it ensures that your body isn’t dehydrated and can therefore function normally.

      We wish you the best of luck with your condition and hope that you talk to a health practitioner. If they recommend alkaline or hydrogen water, please give one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887.

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