9 Hacks to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Forget dodgy-sounding energy drinks that are packed with chemicals and false promises: if you want to boost your energy levels, then it’s time to get smart about it.

Here are the top 9 hacks to increase your energy levels naturally!

9 Hacks to Increase Your Energy Naturally

1. Don’t smoke – it can affect the quality of your sleep, leaving you sapped of energy.

If you smoke, do everything in your power to quit. It negatively affects virtually every part of your physiology, including your energy levels. Impaired sleep, breathlessness and an amplified toxic load, all make you feel sluggish.

2. Eat whole, iron-rich and low-GI foods for slower energy release.

Iron-rich foods help us to feel more energetic. Foods with a low-GI (glycemic index) count will provide a stable, sustained source of energy.

3. Alcohol is a sedative – avoid it if you want to feel energetic.

Alcohol frequently makes us feel sleepy. A well-known sedative, even small amounts of alcohol can make us feel lethargic.

4. Enjoy a coffee, but only before lunchtime.

We’re not suggesting that you skip your morning coffee – I mean, we’re civilized people – but make sure you’ve had your final latte before midday. Caffeine takes a while to leave the system and drinking too much of it during the second part of the day can affect your sleep, which impacts on energy.



5. Take some exercise – being energetic helps our bodies to feel more energetic!

When it comes to energy levels, you reap what you sow. The more you do to stimulate your muscles and cardiovascular system, the more you’ll be able to do.

6. Do something you love, even if it’s only for a couple of hours a week.

Pursuing a hobby or activity that you’re truly passionate about is good for you. When you’re doing something you love, it makes you feel positive and happy – emotions that are linked to an upsurge in your vitality.

7. Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep leaves you drained – physically and mentally. Experts are divided about why we need to sleep, but it is essential to feeling energetic, mental wellbeing and all-round good health.


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8. Do everything in your power to reduce stress levels.

Stress sure does eat up your energy. Apart from the physical effects of stress hormone activity; prolonged bouts of stress can prompt people to reach for junk food instead of healthy options, drink more alcohol than usual and generally neglect the things that keep us feeling energized.

9. Drink lots of ionized alkaline water – it’s packed with hydrogen molecules that deliver an incredible energy boost. Just ask top athletes and sports stars!

Apart from tasting fantastic, ionized alkaline water really is energy in a glass! It’s packed with thousands of bubbles of molecular hydrogen – the smallest element in the universe.

The tiny size of the molecules means that the hydrogen can perform a minor miracle – it can enter each cell and energize it from within. You don’t even need to wonder if it’s working…you can feel the changes almost right away!


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