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                                 Ionized Alkaline Water and Better Health healthy-water  By now, you may have heard about alkaline water and the purportedly great health benefits experienced by its multitude of users/believers. People from all over the world with varying degrees of ailments from Acid Reflux to Eczema and more, have claimed relief and often cure from these and other health-related issues by drinking ionized alkaline water.

I thought it would be good to learn about alkaline water and also read what people that drink it have to say about it.  Let’s first define what alkaline water is.

Alkaline water is any water with a pH level above seven, which makes it alkaline.  Below seven and it is acidic.  Pretty simple.

So what is ionized alkaline water and what does it do?  Essentially, it’s water electronically modified (or ionized) through a series of positive and negative charges while passing over special plates.  This water is different because it breaks down the water molecules (generally formed in groups of 13 or more), changing them to much smaller clusters (5 or less) that are more readily absorbed by the bodies’ tissues and cell walls. 


Tyent USA ionizers are tops in the industry with award-winning innovations like their new 11-Plate ionizer, an industry first.


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Water 3What three health benefits can I expect from drinking ionized water?

Ionized alkaline water creates a healthy alkaline environment in your system

 Hydrates your body more completely on a cellular level

 Flushes dangerous toxins and metals from your system  


What disorders have people claimed it has helped?  Not only claimed, I would say testified to.  There are many ailments and skin disorders that loyal consumers of alkaline water claim either have decreased immensely, or have gone away all together.

Some people have questioned these claims.  I believe more to the point, a better question might be, why would you claim it really helped you if it didn’t?  I would be upset, or at least disappointed by the fact that it didn’t work as I’d hoped, not be posing for pictures and singing its praises.

Below are five quotes I culled from testimonials of ionized alkaline water drinkers.


Five Hand

Acid Reflux

One month after drinking Tyent Water, my acid reflux has been completely under control. ”

-Kevin Pinkerman

Skin disorders

I had severe atopic dermatitis that covered 85% of my face and 75% of my body.”

“Today, I am now living a normal life, in optimal health, and free of any skin disease.”

-Jon B

Better sleep

Tyent Water has made a humongous difference in my being able to sleep.”

-Beverly Jeffries

Weight loss

The weight loss is remarkable.”

-Connie Cochran

Immunity boost  

None of us have been sick at all since we’ve been drinking Tyent Water.”

-Dean Wein


These people are not alone.  Many credible professionals in various fields of health support those testimonials, including authors, doctors, scientists and professional athletes.

However, the people that offered these testimonies don’t need a doctor or author or scientist to tell them something they already know.  Ionized alkaline water is good for them and helps them stay healthy.

So if you would like to learn more about Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water or hear more from some of those it has affected in such positive ways, please follow this link.





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