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Tyent Luxury Under Counter Water Ionizer
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H2 Hybrid On Sale

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2024 Model Above-Counter Hybrid Ionizer

  • 2.5-11.0 pH Range*
  • Up to -1150 ORP*
  • Up to 1.8+ ppm Molecular Hydrogen*
  • Xtreme Molecular Hydrogen Boost and Turbo Boost
  • *Results Dependent on Source Water Conditions
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Payments as low as

$25 /mo

  1. Low Monthly Payment as low as $25 /month!
  2. $0 Payments for 6 Months!
  3. 0% Interest *Same-as-Cash* 12 Month Financing!
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Lifetime Warranty
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
First Ever Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer!
LCD Display and Touch Screen

Payments as low as $25/mo!

Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Water Ionizer with Unrivaled Technology!
Convenient Use with ONE TOUCH Technology
JOG DIAL for Hydrogen water

Payments as low as $25/mo!

Fixed Quantity Selection Function!
Powerful Dual Filtration System!

With membrane multi-layer filtration, the HYBRID Water Ionizer removes suspended solids such as mud, sediment, rust, and sand using .01 micron filtration. This is the same filtration used in kidney dialysis machines. Due to the nature of the depth-filtration process, the filtration performance and product life is incomparably outstanding!

Since synthetic resin binders are not used, input carbon can be utilized 100%!

Traditional carbon flock filters are known for problems where carbon breaks away due to a decrease in binding force. Since Tyent applies an M/B filter core on the inside, our filters prevent carbon from breaking away

membrane multi-layer filtration

Payments as low as $25/mo!

Front-Load Filter Replacements
H2 Hybrid Specifications

Payments as low as $25/mo!

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