Sleep Like a Rock Star

Want to learn how to sleep like a rock star? We took a little time out of our day to speak with one of the greats of rock music: the incomparable Rick Springfield

Rick shared the secret to sleeping like a true rock star and lent some tips on how we mere mortals can grab the same quality Zzzs as the legend behind Jessie’s Girl.

Sleep like a Rock Star

Rick Springfield Hearts Tyent Water Ionizers

That Rick Springfield is a diehard Tyent fan is no secret. Rick has long been singing (not literally, but we live in hope) the praises of Tyent Water Ionizers, and it’s great to hear how Tyent alkaline water helps Rick get the most out of his high-octane life. 

“Overall, we use Tyent Water in our home for everything! I’m a big believer that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment, so our environment is as alkaline as we can make it thanks to the Tyent alkaline water that we drink and cook with.” 

  Rick Springfield


You’re Not Going to Believe THIS Rick Springfield Fact!

It’s worth mentioning at this point that Rick is currently touring through 2024, and putting on a high-energy, professional performance in front of thousands of fans is a tough call for anyone, never mind a 74-year-old rock star! You read right. Rick Springfield is 74 years old, but you won’t believe that fact if you glance at any of the tour footage in circulation!

Rick has addressed this very point in a previous interview, and we always love to hear it!

“I’ve found that Tyent Water has reversed the aging process in me. I’m now actually getting younger!”

It goes without saying that if you’re working hard, then you need to prioritize a sleep schedule that serves you and keeps your mind and body in good shape. Rick does this by taking his Tyent Water Ionizer on the road with him and getting Tyent Water to help him sleep like a rock star every night!


What Happens During Nighttime Dehydration?

If you don’t drink enough water, then this is what is likely to happen to your body at night:

  • Headache
  • Cramps
  • Aching joints
  • Muscle pains
  • Dry mouth 
  • Dry nasal passages 

If you happen to be a famous rock star on a major tour, singing and performing for months at a time, then you sure will need your sleep!

Of course, the truth is that we all do, and Tyent Water can help you get it.


How Tyent Water Helps You Sleep Better

If your body isn’t hydrated, then your sleep will be affected. Tyent Water contains therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen, which makes it more hydrating than regular water. In other words: less water, better hydration, which sure can help with cutting down on nighttime trips to the bathroom!

If you know that your sleep routine could do with an overhaul, then make this the year that you sort it out. Follow our 10 Tips for the Best Sleep of Your Life and start sleeping like a rock star in 2024!


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