Nitrates in Tap Water & Prostate Cancer: Breaking News

Scientists have identified a link between waterborne nitrate and the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to research published in recent days.  

The findings, led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), indicate that nitrate consumed in tap water over an average adult life can be linked to patients developing prostate cancer, and should be considered a risk factor. The research goes further, suggesting that the results are even more marked in cases of ‘aggressive tumors,’ and prostate cancer in younger men.  

Nitrate in water is already linked to colon cancer, and these medical findings underline the scary nature of waterborne contamination. But what exactly is nitrate and how does it get into tap water in the first place? 


Nitrates in Tap Water & Prostate Cancer


How Nitrates End Up in Your Tap Water 

Nitrates are naturally occurring chemical compounds. They are made up of nitrogen and oxygen atoms. Nitrate is found in high concentrations in land that has been treated with – or used for – fertilizers, landfill and agricultural runoff. The nitrates end up in water destined for drinking by percolating through the ground into rivers and other bodies of water.  

Water treatment plants are supposed to filter out hundreds of contaminants – nitrate among them – so that clean, safe water comes out of your taps. Experience tells us that despite this, millions of people have tainted and unsafe tap water. 


How to Drink Safe, Clean Water at Home 

The link between waterborne nitrate and prostate cancer will worry millions of people, but you can take steps to ensure that you and your family drink clean, safe water.  

Tyent water ionizer filters are the best in the world – our filtration engineering is second to none. Tyent Ultra Plus Filters boast hospital kidney dialysis grade .01 micron filter power, which removes over 200 contaminants found in tap water – including up to 99% of lead. Even better, Tyent filters are intelligent, which means that they remove toxic elements without removing essential minerals. For further reassurance, our filters are certified by the NSF 


Eating Fresh for Health  

There is a glimmer of positivity contained within that scientific report on nitrates and prostate cancer. The research found that eating fiber-rich fresh fruit and vegetables – especially those containing an abundance of vitamin C – has been found to counter some of the harmful effects of waterborne nitrates.  

Eating fruit and vegetables isn’t exactly new news. However, when research like this reports an identifiable, tangible link between healthy eating and improving health outcomes, it can definitely help to spur you on when it comes to clean eating.  


A Tyent Water Ionizer in Your Corner! 

Hydrating every day with clean, safe and delicious water, and eating a balanced diet that contains plenty of fresh fruit and veggies helps your body stay strong, resilient and in good health. Tyent Alkaline Water is bursting with natural antioxidants and energy-boosting molecular hydrogen. No water tastes better!  

Tap water contamination is a serious worry for millions of people. Nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing the people you love are drinking water that is safe, clean and actively supports good health. A Tyent Water Ionizer gives you this reassurance, along with friendly advice whenever you need it and a Lifetime Guarantee on your Tyent water ionizer.  

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