Four Ways That Alkaline Water Supports Your Immune System

A healthy immune system is something we all want. We already know that eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables helps to support the immune system, but did you know that alkaline water from a water ionizer is a key way to really shore up your immune response?

Four Ways That Alkaline Water Supports Your Immune System

Alkaline Water is Different to Tap and Bottled Water

Let’s recap what alkaline water is. Ionized alkaline water is produced by a water ionizer machine. Tap water flows into the unit where it is filtered. The clean water then passes over and around electrically-charged titanium and platinum plates which subject the water to a process called electrolysis. This splits the water into two streams: alkaline and acidic. Alkaline water has a naturally higher pH level than tap water, making it more alkaline.


Back to the immune system. There are several ways that alkaline water helps to support your immune system:

1. Freshly-ionized Tyent Alkaline Water is packed with natural, powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are potent compounds that help to strengthen your body’s immune response and help fight pathogens and infections. Every glass of Tyent Alkaline Water is packed with them!


2. There are countless contaminants in tap water. Even bottled water contains nasties that none of us should be drinking! Your organs have to work overtime to purge unwanted toxic elements from your body and neutralize others, diverting precious internal resources and nutrients in firefighting incoming toxins. Tyent Alkaline Water is filtered by our award-winning filtration system, which removes up to 200 contaminants while leaving essential minerals intact. That means the alkaline water in your body can simply hydrate and support your organs, rather than putting them under stress. All of this contributes to a stronger, healthier immune response.


3. Some people see drinking alkaline water as a mini detox that your body benefits from all day, every day! Think about all the bad things that your body is subjected to, that we can’t do much about – air pollution for example. Other toxins we can manage to an extent, but it’s hard to avoid them completely: additives in foods, processed foods, medication and so on. Ionized alkaline water helps your body to flush out toxin-linked acidic waste that can accumulate in your cells and tissues.


4. Tyent Alkaline Water hydrates your body from deep within every cell, for superb hydration that enables each of your organs and body systems – including your immune system – to function just as they need to.

There are other ways to boost your immune system. Try to manage stress levels as effectively as possible and nurture a good sleep routine. And guess what? Drinking Tyent Alkaline Water every day can help you to manage stress and sleep better as well! When it comes to building a strong, resilient immune system, Tyent Alkaline Water is right there in your corner!


Let’s Talk About Immune Systems!

Post-COVID, many of us have thought more about our immune systems and how to stay in robust good health. Have you made any changes to your lifestyle, diet or routine to support your immune system? Have you noticed the difference? We love to hear your stories, so please share!


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