In a Pinch: Have You Done the Pinch Test Today?

Did you know that there is a really easy way to find out whether your body is properly hydrated or not?  tyent

Give Yourself a Pinch!

Your skin’s elasticity is a brilliant indicator of how well hydrated you really are.  To test, pinch the skin on the back of your hand and let go. If it snaps back into place and returns to normal immediately, then congratulations, you’re hydrated!  

If it doesn’t and your skin maintains the “pinched” shape for a couple of seconds, then don’t ignore it; you need to drink more water.  If your skin – your body’s biggest organ – isn’t properly hydrated, then what about the vital internal organs that you can’t see?  

Thirsty Work?

Drinking 6 – 8 glasses of water every day should keep most people hydrated, but you’ll need more on very hot days or during exercise.  Remember also that thirst isn’t the first indicator of dehydration, although it’s the one that most people respond to!

While it’s true that coffee, juice and smoothies will hydrate you, they also contain sugar and caffeine.  It’s no secret that nothing is as hydrating as pure water.

Ionized Water is More Hydrating

But here’s a thing — did you know that ionized water is more hydrating than regular water?  It’s true. Tyent Water is replete with naturally occurring hydrogen molecules.  These molecules are tiny enough to cross the blood/brain barrier, enabling them to hydrate every cell from within.  The result? More efficient hydration, faster.

Energy and Focus

When you’re properly hydrated, you have more energy.  Your mental focus is improved and you might even find that your memory and concentration seem sharper.

Why not call us at to find out more about installing a Tyent Water Ionizer at home?  We can offer a budget friendly easy monthly payment plan and all of our water ionizers come with our unbeatable Lifetime Guarantee.  

Did You Pinch?  

So come on, did you try the pinch test?  Spread the word with friends and co-workers and get them in a pinch as well!

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7 thoughts on “In a Pinch: Have You Done the Pinch Test Today?

  1. Hi! Thanks for this blog about dehydration, and it’s a wake up call and great offering for many. Good post.

  2. Passed the pinch test!!! I drink like 9 glasses of water everyday.

    The article’s a good reminder to keep drinking water!

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