Weight Loss and Alkaline Water: How to Detox Naturally Without Expensive Pills and Juices

Is it possible to detox and lose weight without the latest fad diet pills and antioxidant “super” foods? Of course. And for less money, too.


Fads Just Don’t Work

One of my friends struggled with her weight for the past five years. We’ll call her Mary. Like a lot of us, Mary took more than just a diploma away from her 4-year stint at college.

She tried everything she could get her hands on. Every week Mary was talking about a different pill, cleanser, program, diet…you name it, she probably tried it.

Sometimes she’d see a little success but get discouraged when the results weren’t fast enough. Mary was stuck in a vicious circle of wasting money, losing weight and putting it back on. By my estimates, she probably spent around $5000 a year on attempts to lose weight.

The Big Problem with Supplements


Look how natural and healthy these are.

The problem with pills and supplements is that they don’t solve the main issue with weight loss attempts—that our diets and drinking water are tainted with chemicals and processed garbage.

These toxins we ingest every day make it difficult for our body to naturally remove waste, resulting in sluggish or nonexistent gains (or losses) at the gym and on the scale.

Light at the End of the Tunnel


Luckily, Mary recently found alkaline ionized water. If you haven’t heard, Tyent’s ionized water possesses some of the same powerful antioxidants as the supplements you’re familiar with. The key difference is that by using a Tyent ionizer, you are effectively replacing one of our main sources of unnatural chemicals—tap or bottled water.

Research shows that the compounds present in ionized water attack and destroy harmful free radicals—elements responsible for damaging your cells and causing many diseases…not to mention accelerating aging!

The ideal scavenger for these active oxygen free-radicals is active hydrogen…present in reduced [alkaline ionized] water. -Institute of Cellular Regulation Technology, Kyushu University

After a few months on the Tyent water, Mary has had much more success with her exercise and diet programs. According to her she:

  • Has more energy;

  • Doesn’t get thirsty as often when exercising;

  • Doesn’t have an urge to snack constantly;

  • And, she feels better.

Mary attributes that extra pep in her step to Tyent’s alkaline water.

Hey, if it works for her then maybe it’ll work for you too. There’s a boatload of research out there lauding the health-giving effects of ionized water.

The best part? For what Mary was spending on supplements and training every month, you could buy TWO ionizers. They pay for themselves.

When you’d like to give Tyent a shot—and what have you got to lose with a 75-day trial—have a look at our buying guide.

Act today and take the first step towards a healthier, leaner you!

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