I Want to Lose Weight & Be Healthy but I Don’t Want to Diet!

Millions of people relate to this dilemma. How do you lose weight without dieting?

Maybe you’re a dedicated foodie. Perhaps you don’t have the money/time/bandwidth to factor in a special diet just for you when you’ve got a family to feed. Maybe you equate dieting with depriving yourself of the foods you love. Whatever the reason, the truth is that losing weight can sometimes seem like too much trouble by half.


I Want to Lose Weight


The Easy Way to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Guess what? It is possible to lose weight and stay healthy without dieting. Even better, it’s easy to achieve for most people. You don’t need to make sweeping changes or spend a ton of money on fancy ingredients either – a few easy tweaks, and you’ll be on your way to the weight you want to be.


1. Eat Less

What? Genius! Why didn’t you think of that before, right? Okay, but eating less on a diet often means restricting the things you actually want to eat. It doesn’t have to be that way. Enjoy your regular meals while adding smaller amounts of certain foods to your plate. That means serving up a little less starchy foods such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes. Also, switch to wholemeal and wholegrain versions where possible, and keep refined white carbs to a minimum.

No need to leave a gap on your plate though! Fill the space with more salad or vegetables and eat as much of these foods as you like (hold the oil-based dressings and buttery sauces though).


2. Eat Things You Like

Don’t like kale? Don’t eat it – life’s too short. But ditch the kale (or whatever else) mindfully. Dark green leafy vegetables are important to good health, so sure, skip the kale, but find an alternative that you DO like. Baby leaf spinach? Wild rocket? Rainbow chard? This is only one example, but the point is that there’s a lot of choice out there, so choose the things you WANT to eat that still serve your health.


3. Make Your Favorites

Whatever you love to eat, learn to make a healthy version of it. For example, if you love Chinese/Indian/Korean/Mexican food, learn how to produce your favorite dishes and incorporate as many vegetables and whole foods as possible. Don’t skimp on the details: using aromatic, delicious spices and herbs can elevate a dish into something wonderful.


4. Find Your Pulse

Pulses and beans are brilliant for health and make food taste satisfying and hearty. Vegetable chili is a good example. Bursting with flavor, plant protein, fresh veggies and inviting spices, it ticks every health box and makes a nourishing and filling meal. Dishes like these are brilliant. You can eat them relatively freely, so tuck in and forget any feelings of being deprived of ‘proper’ food while trying to lose weight!


5. Drink Alkaline Water

Did you know that hydrating with ionized alkaline water can help you to lose weight without dieting? It’s not only the fact that water helps to make you feel full: ionized alkaline water can help with weight management and support good health in so many ways.

“What better way to motivate yourself than knowing that with every glass, every sip of Tyent alkalized ionized water, that you are losing weight?”

Lori Shemek, PhD, CNC, CLC


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