6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind & Body!

Spring cleaning your home leaves it lighter, brighter and more uplifting. Did you know that spring cleaning your body can have the same effect?

An internal spring clean can be a reset for your mental and physical sense of wellbeing. It can help you to lose a few pounds, gain tons more energy and leave you feeling like a new you.

Our 6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body will help you feel calm, energized and glowing with an improved sense of wellness. Ready?


6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body!



1. Make the diet changes that you know you need to. Most of us can cut out – or at least dramatically reduce – at least a couple of poor nutritional choices. Refined sugar, too many white carbs, alcohol, processed meat products… the list is familiar, right? Not one of these foods serves your health, and pretty much all of them are linked to negative health impacts. Do your body a favor and find a healthier alternative.


2. Drink 6 – 8 glasses of Tyent Alkaline Water every day. The benefits of drinking Tyent ionized water – compared with regular tap or bottled water – are incredible. Better hydration, faster muscle repair, increased energy.. the list goes on. It’s not an exaggeration to say that if you only tick this single item on our list of 6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body, you’ll start reaping – and noticing – the rewards almost immediately.


3. Catch up with health matters. That means the dentist, screening checks, eye examinations, and similar appointments. Spotting and dealing with any issues early always makes sense, so make the calls and get up to date.


4. Make sure that you get enough sleep every night. Adults generally need between 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night, and between 1 – 2 hours deep sleep within that. Deep sleep is important for hormone functioning and bone, muscle and tissue building and repair. Nurture a solid, soothing sleep routine that leaves you feeling rested and refreshed every day.


5. Meditate, or at least make some space for yourself every day, to mentally unwind and process events, encounters and any worries that you’re storing up. Sit or lie in a quiet place and reflect on how the day has affected you. Focus on the positives and feel gratitude, and face any negatives, without letting yourself dwell on them. You don’t need to find solutions here: the purpose of this exercise is calm reflection and acknowledgment.


6. Take up a form of exercise that you really enjoy – both physically and mentally. There’s no point in doing a solitary sport if you’re naturally competitive and love being around other people. Likewise, if you draw energy and a sense of calm from periods of solitude, then select a form of individual exercise that nurtures your mind as well as your body.


Spring Some Healthy Habits on Yourself!

There are many more ways to spring clean your mind and body – find what works for you. The aim is to let go of poor health habits – too many late nights, too much junk food, drinking chemical-packed soda and so on – and enjoy the amazing benefits of a healthier mind and body!

Try 6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body and feel stronger, happier and more energetic this springtime!


We Heart Springtime!

What’s your favorite thing about spring? Does the sight of new green shoots and lighter evenings lift your mood? Please share your thoughts!


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