Spring Cleaning Your Way to Wellness – Blog Updated for 2021

It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning your home can feel cathartic and enormously rewarding – never underestimate the joy of living in a space that feels clean, calm and just how you like it.

We have some fabulous tips for getting the most out of your annual spring tidy, so roll up your sleeves and start getting your house in order!


Spring Cleaning Your Way to Wellness


First Things First

Don’t try to clean anything before you’ve had a thorough declutter first. Be firm about this and keep in mind how fabulous your house is going to look when it’s free from all the unnecessary stuff that never gets used/worn/read.

Donating items to charity or recycling them feels good and you have the reward of a tidier house when you’re done!

Start At the Top

Try to clean your house from the top. Through the year, it’s easy to push things upstairs into a closet or spare room to get them out of the way – out of sight, out of mind. Start at the top and work down, until everything is either in its place, or out of the door!

Pick A Sunny Day

Spring cleaning on a pleasant, bright day feels joyful. Throw open doors and windows to let any dust or the smell of cleaning products out. After all, nothing beats fresh air for making a home feel aired and energized.

Within These Walls…

Walls that don’t need repainting might benefit from a clean. Washing down paintwork will give your house a fresh new gleam that might even fool people into thinking you have redecorated!

Fabulous Floors!

If you have carpets, have them professionally cleaned, or hire a machine to use yourself.  Floorboards? Give them a wax treatment to keep them glowing and able to handle any spills without staining.

Shining Surfaces!

When it comes to cleaning kitchen surfaces, nothing does the job like Tyent Turbo water. Ditch toxic and environmentally hazardous chemical cleaners and fill a spray bottle with Tyent Turbo water for cutting through grease spots and spillages, to leave your counters with a sanitized shine. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a delightful, natural fragrance.

The Devil’s in the Details

Light switches, the cooker-hood, corners of the kitchen floor that your steam mop just can’t reach – don’t skip these things. Keep an airtight box in your cleaning kit filled with rectangles of old fabric soaked in Tyent Turbo water, for quick fixes that make a big difference.

Soft Furnishings

Try to avoid buying more cushions and throws to freshen up a room. Switch around what you already have, and rethink color combinations for a new look. Experiment with textures and patterns to reinvigorate your rooms!

The Sweet Smell of Springtime

Home fragrance means different things to different people. For some, nothing is more welcoming than fragranced candles and oil diffusers. For others, it’s fresh flowers and open windows. Whatever your favorite method of scenting your home, you’ve worked hard, so treat yourself to something that you find uplifting!

Don’t Forget the Garden!

You can also use Tyent Turbo water outside – it’s perfect for cleaning down decking and outdoor furniture. If you have a greenhouse, then sluice down the glass to let in more light and give new plants a sparkling clean home too!

Your Spring-cleaning Tips!

Cleaning hacks are always popular, and we want to learn yours! Do you have some awesome cleaning tips to share? Drop us a line and let us know!


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