Turbo-Charge Your Vegetables with Turbo Water Ionizers!

As many people start to pickle, preserve and can their harvest for another year, have you ever wondered how the fields of vegetable crops that supply our stores and markets are grown?

Far from images of lush, rural pastures – modern farming methods often lean heavily on pesticides, herbicides, and complex irrigation methods.

Fresh vegetables need water to grow, but what exactly is in the water?

What’s in the Water?

The presence of chemical growing agents is well known, but what about the municipal water systems that nourish the crops?

After a tragic outbreak of E-coli erupted earlier this year that left five people dead and 197 sick from around three dozen states, a spotlight started to shine on the quality of water used to irrigate crops.

There’s a problematic gap in the chain of regulations that are currently in place to ensure food safety – as farmers are not required by law to carry out pathogen testing on water intended for irrigation.

Testing of Irrigation Water Shelved

What regulations are in place to prevent contaminated water from ending up on those delicious fruits and vegetables that we love to sink our teeth into?

Although steps were taken by Congress in 2011 to ensure that farmers started water testing, the recommendations have been quietly shelved by the FDA.

A huge question mark could continue to loom over these irrigation issues for at least a few more years.

What’s the Answer?

Not everyone can afford to buy organic produce, nor has space or the skills needed to grow their own vegetables.

So, what’s the answer to these irrigation issues?

We have an answer…and it comes in the form of Turbo Water from our water ionizers!

Water Ionizers and Acidic Turbo Water

Tyent Water Ionizers come installed with an acidic water setting that dispenses Turbo Water.

Although regular water struggles to remove herbicides and pesticides from the surface of fresh produce, the chemicals are intentionally manufactured to resist being easily washed away.

The solution?

Just use acidic Turbo Water from your water ionizer machine to tackle and remove these herbicides and pesticides from your produce, naturally and effectively!

Wow! You’ve Got to Watch This!

water ionizers
Tyent water ionizers can do what to my tomatoes? Just watch!

This video on the amazing uses of Tyent water ionizers is “must-see TV.”

Watch the difference between the chemical residues removed by washing tomatoes in regular tap water compared to Tyent Turbo Water.

No kidding – this demonstration is a real eye-opener, so don’t miss it!

Stop Using “Stranger Water”

water ionizer
You can say goodbye to “Stranger Water” when you use a Tyent water ionizer

There is a chance that your local water supply is what they call “Stranger Water.”

Thankfully – our award-winning water ionizers can help filter out 99.9% of the “strange contaminants” that could be lurking in your water, such as lead, fluoride, chlorine, rust, and other bacteria that are hard to pronounce.

On top of that – drinking ionized alkaline water tastes great and comes with the reassurance that your water is properly filtered and safe to drink.

You can also use Tyent water ionizers to give your fruit and vegetables a Turbo Water rinse so that you can feel a whole lot better about what you eat.

To see what kinds of strange contaminants and bacteria are hiding out in your water – sign up now for your FREE water report and analysis!

Have a Home-Grown Harvest? We’d Love to Hear About It!

Did you manage to harvest any home-grown vegetables or fruit this year? Great!

Drop us a line or call our friendly water ionizer experts at and tell us all about your crisp carrots, beautiful berries, and super-sized squash!

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8 thoughts on “Turbo-Charge Your Vegetables with Turbo Water Ionizers!

  1. Agriculture makes up a significant chunk of our American local and export industries. So it’s important to know what goes on in those fields and outside of them.

    1. Hi, Sharon. We agree with you 100%. That’s why we believe it’s also important to know how to clean the produce that our farmers provide for us to ensure we’re getting the best benefits from our food. We talk more about how crucial it is to wash your veggies and fruits with our alkaline water here.

  2. Hello, should we use ONLY acidic turbo water to wash our vegetables? Nothing else? I know that Tyent ionizers have acidic, alkaline, and neutral levels, so I’m a little confused.

    1. Hi, Monique. Not at all! We also recommend using alkaline turbo water to wash your produce and get rid of harmful pesticides and herbicides. The alkaline turbo water can also preserve and even enhance the flavors and colors of your foods.

      Acidic turbo water can be used to clean your dishes, household surfaces, and possessions, too.

      If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 855-893-6887 so that our water experts can happily accommodate you.

    1. Hi, Mandy. You can find the turbo setting on the screen of your ionizer beside the other alkaline water settings.

      If you’d like to learn more about what else you can do with Tyent water, check out this article. You can also give us a call at 855-893-6887 if you prefer to talk to us on the phone.

    1. Hi, Jean. Not at all. It’s possible to remove fluoride from your tap water, and we have the perfect solution for you and your family. Let me explain. First, it’s important to understand that there is no water ionizer on the market that will remove 100% of fluoride by using ONLY the regular ionizer filters by themselves. The good news is that Tyent offers an amazing pre-filter that removes fluoride as well as chromium-6 (the dangerous cancer-causing chemical that was exposed in the movie Erin Brockovich). No other water ionizer company has this type of filter – it’s exclusive to Tyent.

      You’ll also be happy to know that all Tyent Water Ionizers have a dual filtration system. The primary filter contains ACF active carbon that removes large contaminants like organic compounds, chlorine, rust, and sediment, while the secondary filter contains ceramic material that balances the ions and minerals in the water. These filters have the same micron level and filtration capabilities as a kidney dialysis machine, which is .01 micron. Tyent’s Ultra Filters come standard with each of our ionizers, and they remove over 200 contaminants including 99% of lead, and up to 99% of mercury, beryllium, and uranium.

      You can see our third-party lab report about those here. When you combine our water ionizer’s Ultra Filters with the fluoride/chromium-6 filter, you’ll have the cleanest and healthiest water available. We take great pride in ensuring that our customers have the safest and freshest water. For more information, you can download a FREE filter report, talk to one of our water experts by calling 855-893-6887, and/or also check out this very informative blog.

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