Acidic Water & Its Uses

What is acidic water and what exactly are its uses for your home and lifestyle?

Nothing beats drinking freshly ionized Tyent alkaline water, but did you know that your Tyent water ionizer does MUCH more than support your health and hydration?

Here’s how: your water ionizer uses powerful electrolysis to split your source water into two separate streams – alkaline and acidic.


Acidic Water and Its Uses


What’s Acidic Water & What Are Its Uses?

You drink delicious, filtered Tyent alkaline water, while the acidic Turbo Water – which is not suitable for drinking – can save you hundreds of dollars every year, by replacing dozens of everyday products! Read on to learn about Tyent acidic water and its uses for you and your home!


1. Oven Cleaner

The toxic chemicals in oven cleaners are among the most caustic and dangerous substances regularly found in the average home. And guess what? You don’t even need them. Tyent Turbo Water cleans your oven to a shine, with the addition of nothing more than baking soda and lemon juice. Say goodbye to noxious chemicals in your kitchen!


2. Acidic Water & Its Uses – Everyday Household Cleaners

Bathroom spray, kitchen surfaces cleaning fluid, window cleaner: all these and more can be replaced with chemical-free, non-toxic Tyent Turbo acidic water! Use straight, or add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for an uplifting fragrance.


3. Buy Regular Fresh Produce – Not Organic!

When you consider acidic water and its uses, do you think about the food you buy? Many people prefer to eat organic fruit and vegetables, to avoid ingesting harmful or unpleasant pesticides and herbicides, but must pay a premium to do so! Here’s a game changer – buy regular fruit and veggies and use acidic water to wash away the chemical residues that regular water cannot penetrate. Watch this short video to see the jaw-dropping difference that acidic water makes when cleaning these tomatoes!


4. Acidic Water is Beauty Water!

For people in the know, when they talk about acidic water and its uses, they’re thinking about how it can Turbo-charge their beauty routine! It’s true: acidic water has many uses to help beautify your life, including using it as a perfectly balanced pH toner that your skin will thank you for, a refreshing mouthwash, a final water rinse for the shiniest hair of your life…the list goes on! Watch this for more awesome acidic water beauty tips!


5. Acidic Water & Its Uses in the Garden!

There are even more ways to use acidic water! If you’re lucky enough to grow crops or flowers in a backyard greenhouse, then you know that those panes need a sluice down at least a couple of times each year, to keep them clear and streak-free. Now, if you’re an organic gardener, you probably don’t want chemical cleaners anywhere near your produce, and even if you’re not, avoiding excess chemicals is still a good idea! Acidic water cleans glass beautifully – it cuts through pesky streaks and mossy stains to let the light back in!


What Are Your Uses for Acidic Water?

Do you have any of your own tips for acidic water and its uses? How does Tyent Turbo Water save YOU money (and elbow grease!)? Please share!


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