DIY Water Ionizers – Get the Low Down Here!

Have you ever been tempted (be honest, we won’t judge) to try to make your own ionized water using a blueprint sourced from some obscure corner of the internet?

"Honey, I Blew Up The Ionizer."
“Honey, I Blew Up The Ionizer.”

We’re going to imagine, for the purpose of this blog, that someone out there has known that temptation, and might even be twiddling a set of electrical clips as we speak, wondering if they should give it a go.

For your sake (and possibly your family, friends and house foundations’ sake too), we’ve taken a look.

1. Saving Money?

Well, obviously. Sure, you can knock up your own ‘ionizer’ within an afternoon, for a few dollars. Bargain, right? Well, let’s kick off with the most straightforward way of ionizing your own water according to the wisdom of the internet. Incredibly simple. Two water-filled glasses, connected with electrodes and wired up to a 12 volt adapter for 4 hours. Safe, handy and scientifically sound, non? Not really, no. Let’s move on.

2. Don’t Try This At Home

An excerpt from the shopping list for a more sophisticated version of the “ionizer” above:

Copper wire
Plastic containers
Electrical clips
24V power adapter

In fairness, not all the items for this alkaline water experiment strike a note of mild fear into me. I’m fine with plastic containers and timers.

The Lowdown?

I went into this with an open mind. I like DIY and I was genuinely interested to read what people had come up with. I believe that often, there’s a homemade version of many things that can hold a candle to the original. But those examples tend not to come with a “risk of electrocution” warning as standard.

It’s also worth pointing out that even if you manage to construct something that safely runs an electrical charge through water, you’ll need to be hyper-vigilant about the pH levels you imbibe. Too high, and the water you produce will probably be more suited for descaling a kettle.

boiling kettle

The Solution!

For fresh, clear and perfectly ionized water from a safe and stylish machine with a lifetime guarantee, ditch the dodgy DIY blueprint and have look at our products. We’re pretty confident that you’ll find something to suit you and your family. And you know what? Tyent alkaline water comes in at just 6 cents a glass.

We do love to hear about your general DIY disasters and triumphs though! If you’ve got a good story about fixing something up, then feel free to share it!

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