What’s Inside a Water Ionizer?

Knowing how stuff works is great. It means that you don’t have to rely on a company’s sales pitch or marketing spin to persuade you to buy something. Knowing what’s inside and how stuff works is empowering. It helps you to make good decisions and more often than not, save money.



Knowing what’s inside a water ionizer is no different. In fact, it illustrates our point really well. At Tyent, we’re completely transparent about our water ionizer machines, how they’re built and what you can expect from one.

We’re the opposite of those companies who say, “trust us” and hope you don’t ask any tricky questions. At Tyent, we want you to know exactly what’s inside a water ionizer! We want you to know HOW Tyent alkaline water is produced, and why it’s so amazing!

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All This is Inside a Water Ionizer?

For a second, imagine you are tap water. No offense, but you’re a bit toxic. You don’t taste great, and there are all kinds of nasty elements mixed up with you. Lead, Chromium-6, pesticides, and so on.

But you’re about to get lucky. You’re about to flow into a Tyent Water Ionizer!

You see, ionizer machines are plumbed in line with your source water. You turn on the tap and water flows into the water ionizer unit.

Once water is inside the ionizer machine, one of the most important processes happens – filtration. All those contaminants – the chlorine, the heavy metals, the pharmaceuticals… they’re filtered out by our award-winning, NSF-certified filters. No one takes filtration more seriously than we do.


How Ionization Happens Inside a Water Ionizer

Inside a Tyent water ionizer are Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates. These plates are constructed from titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum for astonishing strength and resilience. The (now) clean water flows over and around these electrically-charged plates. The unique design of Tyent Water Ionizer plates means that each one has the maximum possible area available for electrolysis: the process of ionization.

We’re investigating what’s inside a water ionizer and this is possibly the most remarkable stage! Ionization is an electrical current that passes through the water. As it does so, it splits the water into separate particles: hydrogen and oxygen.

Those separated water ions are then guided into two channels: alkaline water (produced because of negatively-charged ions) and acidic water (produced by positively-charged ions). Amazingly, this all happens in seconds. Incredible, isn’t it?

The last stage of what’s inside a water ionizer is easy: selecting the water you want and enjoying a glass of delicious ionized alkaline water! Acidic water is not for drinking but has dozens of uses around the home!


So THAT’S What Happens Inside a Water Ionizer!

A water ionizer transforms your tap water into clean, fabulous-tasting water that’s packed with antioxidant-rich molecular hydrogen.

Hopefully, knowing what’s inside a water ionizer explains why It cannot be replicated in a shop-bought bottle, or by DIY!


Let’s Talk Water Ionizers!

We love answering your questions about Tyent alkaline water and helping guide people to the perfect water ionizer for their family and lifestyle. Call up our team and find out more!


Tyent Water Ionizer Cheat Sheet


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