Do It Yourself Alkaline Water

There are some things that you should definitely try making yourself: compost, bread, a birthday cake for someone you love, or even knitting a pair of fluffy socks! DIY is a good thing, and we’re right behind anyone having a go at doing things for themselves.

That said, there are a few things that you should probably leave to the experts and Do It Yourself Alkaline Water is one of them!

The internet is rich with ideas about the possibilities of Do It Yourself Alkaline Water. We’re going to highlight the most common ones and explain why you should NOT attempt to drink Do It Yourself Alkaline Water!


Do It Yourself Alkaline Water

What’s in Your Tap Water?

What’s in your tap water? Lead? Radon? Microplastics? Chromium-6? Maybe you got lucky and only have pharmaceuticals and chemical pesticides in your water. The point is, whatever is in your source water, is going to be in your ‘alkaline’ water, unless it’s filtered – and many methods of filtration don’t cut the mustard.


Bottled Water for Your DIY Alkaline Water?

Bottled water is often seen as preferable to tap water, but you might still be getting a dialed-up dose of those dreaded microplastics and a cocktail of chemicals from the plastic bottle as well.


Make Your Water Alkaline!

So, you’ve got your water sorted out, now let’s try some Do It Yourself Alkaline Water! The wisdom of the internet generally suggests that you add one of the following ingredients to your chosen water:

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon juice and salt


The Dangers of Baking Soda Water

Let’s look at baking soda first. If you have chronic indigestion, then a little baking soda dissolved in water can bring relief. But honestly? That’s all you should drink. Baking soda is another name for sodium bicarbonate. Its high sodium content means that dissolving baking soda in water as a drink is risky. If you dose too highly, sodium can poison your system, leading to diarrhea and vomiting.

Too much sodium over a period can cause dehydration, kidney failure and even seizures.


Life Given You Lemons? Don’t Make DIY ‘Alkaline Water’!

So how about lemon juice and salt? Sounds pretty basic, right? Yes, until the penny drops that instead of drinking clean, delicious, hydrating water, you’re drinking… salt. No kidding, drinking water containing salt is profoundly unwise. Your body requires a precise balance of vital electrolytes to thrive. Drinking water with dissolved salt can be disruptive to your health.

Drinking a small amount of salt water occasionally is okay, but your baseline health is key. If you’re overweight, have high blood pressure, intestinal issues or one or more of several other conditions, then salt water could be harmful to your health.

There’s one other important point: saltwater tastes awful and no amount of lemon can cancel it out. Aside from saltwater’s tendency to dehydrate the body, there’s also the point that even if it was good for you (and it’s not), most people wouldn’t drink enough of it anyway as it tastes so unpleasant!


(Don’t) Do It Yourself “Alkaline” Water – Drink Tyent Water!

Tyent Alkaline Water is a world away from the DIY version and the first sip will prove it. Tyent Water tastes delicious, pure and incredibly refreshing. Our world-beating filters mean that your Tyent Alkaline Water is clean and safe to drink. Every glass is brimming with vital minerals and hundreds of bubbles of natural molecular hydrogen – something that you definitely can’t get with Do It Yourself “Alkaline” Water!


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