Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Millions of people aren’t drinking enough water.  According to a recent CivicScience poll, around 47% of adults in the US regularly drink less than three 16-oz servings of water every day. A slightly smaller percentage of adults – almost 40% – said that they drank “between four to seven glasses” of water per day. Only 13% of respondents hit the recommended amount of water for a healthy adult, drinking eight 16-oz glasses of water each day.


Are You Drinking Enough Water


Why You Need Water

Most people know that you need to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water every day to stay healthy. Your biological systems and organs need it. Your muscles, bones, eyes, brain… every bit of you needs water to thrive. Even mild dehydration can result in physical and mental symptoms.

But what happens in that grey area between knowing what you should be doing and actually doing it? And more to the point, why aren’t people drinking enough water? To find the answer, you can carry out your own mini-poll and ask the people around you. After all, there’s a decent chance that at least a couple of co-workers or friends fall into the category of the 47% of people who don’t drink enough water.


Top Reasons for Not Drinking Enough Water

Scratch the surface of why someone doesn’t like drinking water, and chances are you’ll hear one of these top three reasons:

  • My tap water doesn’t taste good
  • I prefer the taste of soda
  • I need caffeine to give me a boost

The first two are opposite ends of the same major point: if your water doesn’t taste good, then you don’t drink it.


Tyent Water Tastes So Good!

Tyent Water Ionizer filters remove the toxins, contaminants, and unwanted residue from tap water, without removing the precious minerals. The result? The best water you’ve ever tasted. When water tastes this good, you can’t wait to pour another glass of it!


Natural Energy Boost from Alkaline Water!

What about people who prefer to drink caffeine to get that boost of mental energy? With Tyent Water, you get the best of both worlds – delicious hydration and a natural energy boost whenever you need it, with no jittery, caffeine-fueled downside.

Powerful, electrically charged plates inside every Tyent machine ionize your source water, infusing it with thousands of bubbles of naturally occurring molecular hydrogen. Once inside your body, the hydrogen molecules set to work delivering a shot of energy from deep within every cell in your body. Hydration, taste and energy in every sip – unbeatable, right?


Alkaline Water Helps You to Thrive

The plain fact is that your body needs water to thrive, not coffee and definitely not soda! In fact, soda is more likely to harm your health than help it.

So, what are the choices? For the planet’s sake, we all need to stop using disposable plastic water bottles. The taste of tap water just doesn’t cut it for millions of people – and that’s before you get into exactly what’s in your tap water that makes it taste so bad. Jug filters are rarely equipped with the filtration technology to remove the cocktail of toxins in today’s tap water.

The answer is a water ionizer! Tyent Water Ionizers serve up glass after glass of clean, clear, energy-boosting alkaline hydration that makes you feel as amazing as it tastes!


Tyent Water: The Best Water to Drink!

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