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Kangen or Tyent?  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right? In fact, some of mankind’s greatest achievements have come about as a result of competition and the desire to be the best.


Is Kangen the Best Find Out Now


So which water ionizer is best? Kangen or Tyent? Let’s find out!

Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates
More Watts = More Power = Better Electrolysis
Filtration and Adjustability
Lifetime Warranty
Price Tag
Chemicals in Kangen Water?
Kangen on Trial!

Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates

Tyent engineers wanted to design the perfect plate: one that was both durable and maximized ionization potential. The result? Tyent’s Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate. Each titanium plate is dipped in platinum multiple times for strength, and features strengthened mesh surfaces to increase the rate of ionization.

Kangen machines contain only solid plates, which have far less surface area, and therefore inferior powers of electrolysis.

More Watts = More Power = Better Electrolysis

Tyent water ionizers have a larger, more efficient power supply than Kangen machines. Tyent water ionizers feature a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS Plus®) with multiple adjustable power settings. Kangen machines are powered by an electronic circuit linked to a transformer, which is a weaker power supply AND can overheat.

Filtration and Adjustability

Your source water will contain different contaminants to someone living in the next town. Your filtration needs might be different – you need a water ionizer that can effectively be customized to remove the toxic elements in YOUR tap water.

Kangen water ionizers are not adjustable: they contain one standard filter, in the hope that one size fits all. Tyent machines contain an advanced Dual-Filtration System with the same filtration capabilities as a kidney dialysis machine.

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Lifetime Warranty

With quality comes confidence and Tyent’s confidence is reflected by the Lifetime Warranty offered on all of our water ionizers. We give our customers a lifetime of reassurance with no strings attached.

Kangen cannot match this. Some of its water ionizers are only guaranteed for a measly three years, including its ‘top of the range’ model!

Price Tag

Tyent Water Ionizers outperform Kangen and yet our prices are more competitive. How do we do this? Part of the reason is that we sell directly to our customers. Enagic (the company behind Kangen) is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. When you buy a Kangen water ionizer, you pay far more, in order to fund the MLM scheme model and keep several layers of personnel in profit. Hardly a good deal for the customer!

Chemicals in Kangen Water?

Kangen machines advertise the ‘strong’ acidic water that their ionizers make. But Kangen machines aren’t powerful enough to produce it alone, so how is it made? By using ‘Electrolysis Enhancer,’ which contains sodium hypochlorite, otherwise known as bleach. Yep – bleach, inside the water ionizer itself.

Tyent Turbo water is made naturally, with no chemical enhancement, as a result of our ultra-powerful plates and superior ionization.

Kangen on Trial!

If you buy a Kangen water ionizer, guess how long you get to test it out for? 3 days. Seriously, that’s all you get from Enagic to decide whether a Kangen water ionizer is right for you.

With Tyent, we put YOU first, and give all of our customers an unmatched 75-Day Trial Period, so that you can feel completely reassured that you’ve made the best purchase of your life!

The Facts 

So, let’s look at this objectively, facts only. Kangen water ionizers:

  • Are less powerful
  • Have inferior, non-bespoke filtration
  • Only come with a three-year warranty
  • Are more expensive than Tyent machines
  • Need chemical help to make acidic water
  • Come with that dismissive 3-day trial period

Is Kangen the best? No. Kangen is a recognized name in the water ionizer industry and is long-established, but meaningful customer care and building the very best machines possible are seemingly not at the heart of the Kangen philosophy.

Our Core Values

Tyent outperforms Kangen at every turn, because we work hard and strive to be the best. Nothing matters more to us than happy customers. We want to deliver the best water ionizer experience every single time. In short, we want to impress you.

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Blog published February 19, 2016, and updated for accuracy in 2021


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