Help! My Friend Is Trying to Sell Me a Water Ionizer

There’s a special kind of shadow that descends over even the most loving friendships once one party – I’ll call her “Jane” – discovers the wonders of Multi-Level Marketing, or “MLM.”  I’ve seen friends there before with candles and “natural” skincare products of dubious origin.  This time, it was the turn of Kangen and their money-spinning (but not saving!) modus operandi.  

What do you mean you don’t want to buy a Kangen Machine?
Friends with Vested Interests?

“Jane” started to talk about how her friends should buy a water ionizer.  Fine, you might think.  But we should only buy a Kangen Ionizer.  From her.  To be fair, I loved the idea of the health benefits of ionized water, but when I looked into it further, I discovered that Tyent ionizers are, quite simply, much better water ionizers.

I wouldn’t mind, but she mentioned it a lot.  Anyone who has a newly-MLM’d friend will know that from that moment forward, Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds, text messages and every lunchtime catch-up will be all about whatever product your friend is pushing.  

Don’t be too harsh on them though – they’ve often had their heads turned by ritzy sales conferences along with the large fee they’ve had to pay for the privilege of trying to flog stuff to their friends.

Just Say No!

Now “Jane” and I go back a long way and our friendship was able to withstand her MLM efforts to sell me a Kangen Machine.   She wasn’t successful, by the way.  The thing about MLM is that often, it resembles the dreaded pyramid selling.  

In other words, when it comes to buying a Kangen Machine from a rep, you’re not just buying a water ionizer.  You’re paying extra money to a several-layers-deep line of people involved in the business selling-model.  

The one thing that you can guarantee with any MLM is that the customer is cut a bad deal.

Tyent Water Ionizers are Easy to Buy!

Buying a Tyent Water Ionizer is transparent and simple.  You can buy one of our ionizers in a few clicks on our website.  There are no layers of pyramid salespeople to grab their cut of your money.  We have an award-winning customer service team waiting to advise and help if you need it, and all of our water ionizers come with a Lifetime Guarantee for peace of mind.

The Best Water Ionizers in the World!

Our water ionizers are officially the best in the world.  So should one of your friends start acting strangely and pushing Kangen literature across the table at every opportunity, do them a favor and point them in the direction of Tyent. Knowledgeable customer service professionals are within easy reach at !  

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