The Ultimate Water Ionizer Video Library – Updated

We get it. It’s hot, it’s summer. If it wasn’t for being able to just push a button for a glass of delicious alkaline water, it would be hard to bother, because taps need turning and who needs that? Even reading, that most relaxing of pursuits, seems a little like hard work.


The Ultimate Water Ionizer Video Library


Tyent on YouTube!

Don’t fight it. Kick off your flip-flops and settle back to watch a selection of your favorite Tyent videos. If you’ve enjoyed our videos before, we won’t need to persuade you that our YouTube channel is well worth hopping over to. Grab a coffee or glass of alkaline water and curl up with some of our favorite YouTube clips!

The News About Alkaline Water: is Tyent or Kangen Best? 

But first, the news. Tyent news, which is the most exciting kind…the launch of the astonishing ACE-13, which has already made massive waves through the water ionizer industry. It’s our most advanced, powerful machine to date and incomparable to anything else that our competitors are able to produce.

Talking about competitors, who really is better – Tyent or Kangen? Find out as we deliver the facts and reveal the winner.

Learn How to Save Money with a Water Ionizer

Want to learn a few surprising tricks that your Tyent water ionizer can pull off? How about saving a ton of money? It’s all right here in this fun video!

Tyent has countless celebrity fans: check out what some of your favorite sports stars, sports professionals, singers and entertainers have been saying about Tyent Water Ionizers and alkaline water. Thanks guys, we appreciate it!

Laugh, Love, Live with Your Tyent Water Ionizer 

Hydrating with alkaline water from a water ionizer makes you feel great. What else makes you feel good? Spending time with your loved ones (including your pets!) and having fun is usually top of the list. The more we laugh, the better we feel, so check out one of our favorite Tyent videos that will definitely bring a smile to your face. Watch this unlikely couple navigate those important stages of a burgeoning relationship with a hilarious twist at the end that you’ll just love!

Work your way through our fabulous water ionizer video library for more of our film shorts. Whether you want to learn about how a water ionizer works or discover exactly what happens to your body when you drink alkaline water, it’s all here. And did alkaline water really save Terry Fator’s voice? Discover the truth for yourself! 

Got Time for More?

We have lots more videos for you to enjoy over on our YouTube channel! If you have any questions about Tyent ionizers or what they can add to your life, then give us a call at 855-TYENT-US ()!

Blog first published October 2016 and updated for accuracy in 2021



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