3 Reasons to Never Be Without Tyent Alkaline Water While Working Out

Have you ever tried exercising when your body wasn’t optimally hydrated?

Recently I took a week-long vacation, and I spent many of those mornings at a local gym—without air conditioning.


The Cost of Thirst

I was in a hurry, and didn’t drink quite enough water after I woke up. Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?

According to the Australian Sports Commission, the average person loses about 34 ounces of water during just one hour of exercise. That’s not taking into account the effects of prolonged physical activity or intense heat, though.

I was almost through with my workout, but I’d run out of gas well before that. I felt weak, sore and dizzy. When I went to stand up from one of the weight machines, my head was spinning and I tripped. Luckily I didn’t hit my head on anything, but that’s the last time I skimp on water before exercising.

When you take into account that we naturally wake up in a state of dehydration, then subtract the 34 ounces I sweat off during my workout…you can see how I was ignoring my body’s cries for pure water—and lots of it.

Water Is Fuel: Don’t Run on Empty


This is your brain on dehydration.

That’s why before I go to the gym—every time—I make sure to fill up on Tyent’s alkaline ionized water. I take a couple bottles with me too, because I know I’ll need them to stay at the top of my game and avoid accidents.

But don’t take my word for it.

Adequate fluid replacement helps maintain hydration and, therefore, promotes the health, safety, and optimal physical performance of individuals participating in regular physical activity. -American College of Sports Medicine

You’ve heard it before, but your body is over 80% water…and if I’m drinking poor quality fuel, what does that make me? That’s why I only drink the highest quality water from Tyent.

The Alkaline Water Difference


Well, I know what drinking alkaline water feels like—fantastic.

Using Tyent’s water ionizer, it seems like those “off” days at the gym are so few and far between. Here are my top 3 reasons for hydrating with alkaline water:

  • I need less time to recover;

  • I don’t experience faint or dizzy spells when exerting myself, or get headaches;

  • And overall, I have more energy!

If you’re tired of feeling dehydrated and sluggish during or after an intense workout, give alkaline water a shot. Tyent is far and above the industry leader in water ionizers, and with a fantastic return policy, what have you got to lose? Just check out all the health-giving benefits you could receive from alkaline water!

Take a look at Tyent’s ionizer buying guide for answers to all of your questions, and to find out which type of ionizer is right for you. Your body will thank you later.

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    1. Hi, Caden. We totally agree with you. That’s why we recommend bringing at least one full jug of water with you every time you exercise. It’s much better if that jug is full of Tyent’s alkaline water.

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