Is Your Water Eco-Friendly?

You might have the right eco-credentials when it comes to many things, but is your water one of them?


Is Your Water Eco-Friendly


Eco-Friendly Water is a Big Deal

We all need to drink water, every day. It’s one of our constants. That’s why making your water eco-friendly is a really big deal.

So, what’s the best way to drink clean, safe water AND make sure that your water is eco-friendly as well? Let’s look at a few of the eco-factors!


1. Water in Plastic Bottles

This is the big one. In 2022, there really is no excuse for looking the other way when it comes to plastic and this planet. Single-use, disposable bottles are an environmental nightmare, and we all need to play our part in saying NO to one-use plastics.

2. Dripping Taps?

Did you know that nationwide, millions of liters of drinking water are wasted every day simply because of dripping taps? You don’t even need a plumber to sort it out – just pick one of the many videos on YouTube and try a bit of DIY!

3. Collect Rainwater

If you have a garden, set up a water barrel to collect rainwater. It’s so useful during dry spells, and your garden will be grateful!

4. Turn off the Tap!

Turn the tap off while brushing your teeth and save up to 6 liters of water! It’s true – if you brush your teeth for between two-three minutes, and leave the tap running, that’s how much water you waste! Even if you only brush your teeth twice a day, that’s 12 liters of water, per person, down the drain.

5. Rethink Reverse Osmosis

Are Reverse Osmosis systems Eco-Friendly? No! Reverse Osmosis water machines are not recommended for daily domestic use, because of the health risks associated with drinking ‘dead’ water – water that contains no minerals. But there’s another reason for avoiding Reverse Osmosis systems – the water waste! To make one gallon of pure, potable water, a Reverse Osmosis machine can waste up to four gallons of water!

6. Eco-Friendly Water with a Water Ionizer!

If you want water that’s Eco-friendly, look no further! A water ionizer is a perfect option for anyone wanting to drink delicious, clean, safe water, without plastic bottles! Tyent ionized alkaline water is infused naturally with antioxidants that help to neutralize harmful, aging free radicals. It contains molecular hydrogen – the incredible element that scientists, sports professionals and even rock stars can’t get enough of!

Tyent water ionizers feature high-tech, low-energy, Eco-Mode settings so that you can feel even better about your water!


Eco-Friendly Water & Tyent

We want you to be 100% happy with your Tyent Water Ionizer – that’s why we offer a 75-day, risk-free trial period on all our water ionizers. Discover for yourself what makes Tyent Alkaline Water so special, and what a difference it can make to your life and well-being!

Call up our team today to ask how Tyent Water ionizers can help to keep your water eco-friendly!


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