Dangers of Reverse Osmosis Water

Is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water dangerous? Find out why Reverse Osmosis water should carry a health warning! 


Dangers of reverse osmosis water


What Is Reverse Osmosis?
Reverse Osmosis Water is ‘Dead’ Water
It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water
Reverse Osmosis Is Extremely Wasteful
Why Ionized Water is Better for You Than Reverse Osmosis Water

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis water is produced by using pressure to force water through a series of artificial, semi-permeable membranes to remove impurities, including salt, larger particles and contaminants, resulting in clean, potable water.

So, what’s the problem? That all sounds good, right?

Not really, because of the next key takeaway with RO water:

Reverse Osmosis Water is ‘Dead’ Water

The problem is that the Reverse Osmosis process is almost TOO thorough. To explain this more clearly, think about where RO water is often used: war zones, in places that have suffered natural disasters and have no functioning infrastructure, in various emergency situations and so on. It’s a brilliantly effective short-term measure: it can turn dirty, brackish and undrinkable water into clean water and saves lives.

The main point here is that it’s a short-term fix. Reverse Osmosis means that everything is removed from the water – including essential minerals. The water is ‘dead’ because the system cannot differentiate between dangerous containments and vital minerals, so everything must go.

If you drink Reverse Osmosis water on a long-term basis, then it can potentially be harmful to your health. Why? Because water depleted of all its minerals is unstable. It wants to re-mineralize itself by seeking out sources of minerals. Inside your body, it will find them, mainly in your teeth and bones. Demineralized water will actively attempt to leach essential minerals from your body.

“Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals . . . . Sufficient evidence is now available to confirm the health consequences from drinking water deficient in calcium or magnesium.”

– Frantisek Kozisek, National Institute of Public Health, Czech Republic


It Doesn’t Hydrate as Well as Alkaline Water

When a Reverse Osmosis machine filters the water, it removes electrolytes – the combination of dissolved salts, magnesium, potassium, and calcium essential for regulating water in cell structures and maintaining nerve impulses – and antioxidants.  

Without these essential elements, the water itself is less hydrating and nourishing for your body.

Reverse Osmosis Is Extremely Wasteful

Reverse Osmosis is exceptionally wasteful, with a huge amount of water lost in the process. A 2013 study by researchers at North Dakota State University revealed:

“An RO unit delivering 2 gallons of treated water per day may discharge 8 to 15 gallons of wastewater per day to the septic system.”

Tom Scherer, Ph.D., and Roxanne Johnson

In other words, the ratio of clean water to wastewater is tiny!

Why Ionized Water is Better for You Than Reverse Osmosis Water

A water ionizer removes contaminants from your source water, but that’s where the similarities with ionized and reverse osmosis water end.

Tyent water ionizer filters remove toxins, dangerous residues, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and more from your water, but without removing essential minerals. The ionization process goes even further, adding thousands of bubbles of naturally occurring molecular hydrogen. To get an idea of why that matters, check out 1000 Clinical Studies into Molecular Hydrogen!

Where RO water is less hydrating, ionized alkaline water is MORE hydrating than regular water, which is why it’s the hydration choice of champions.


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