Why Am I Thirsty After Drinking Water?

There are a number of reasons why you might still feel thirsty after drinking water. In this article, we’re going to cover the ones related to the type of water you’re drinking. However, please be aware that some medical conditions, pregnancy and types of medication can make you feel unusually thirsty, even after drinking water, so please seek the advice of your doctor in those instances.


Thirsty After Drinking Water


Why is Your Water Making You Thirsty?

So, why are you still thirsty after drinking water? How can that make sense? Water is hydration, and you’ve just had a glass of it, so what gives?

It’s to do with the type of water you drink. The truth is that some types of water are more hydrating than others.

Reverse Osmosis & Distilled Water = Dead Water

For example, reverse osmosis water and distilled water are often referred to as ‘dead water.’ The reason for this is also the selling point of the water – both types of water are stripped of every particle and contaminant in the liquid. However, neither of the respective methods of filtering out the bad stuff are able to prevent the loss of minerals in the water.

Reverse osmosis water is created by forcing water through a membrane; distilled water is created using – no surprises here – distillation. Both methods are very efficient at removing everything from the water. When we say everything, we mean it. Reverse osmosis and distilled water are both ‘dead’ because the process removes every single mineral and electrolyte from the water.

Yes, but it’s still water, so it must hydrate you, right?

Electrolytes in Water

Well, dead water is still a wet substance, and so there will be a sensation of quenching your thirst, but hydration is more complex than ‘just’ drinking water. Water without electrolytes in it – reverse osmosis and distilled water – cannot properly hydrate your body.

Electrolytes are dissolved minerals that do a series of vital jobs. Their essential functions include regulating temperature, balancing pH levels, regulating muscles and your nervous system – and keeping you hydrated.

That’s right: electrolytes are essential for hydration. They aren’t actually doing the hydrating bit themselves – electrolytes facilitate and regulate hydration in your body, directing water to where it’s needed most. Without them, your body isn’t properly hydrated, and that’s why you still feel thirsty after drinking ‘dead’ water.

What About Tap Water?

Tap water usually contains electrolytes, but as we all now know, it can also contain many other things that are harmful to your health. Contamination of tap water is rife and barely out of the news – check out what’s in your water with our FREE Water Report.

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