8 Powerful Morning Rituals to Help Avoid Anxiety

Anxiety can be tough to deal with, but a few simple rituals can help to soothe symptoms and make you feel stronger and calmer going into each day.


1. Keep your bedroom free from screens, phones, computers and connectivity. Try to keep the place that you sleep separate from work and online activities, so that any stress or worry about projects or social media doesn’t ambush you from the moment you open your eyes. Think of your bedroom as a sanctuary from all the constant tapping and zapping of modern life.


2. When you wake up, give yourself time to do so properly. Turn off the alarm, stretch and reflect on any dreams. Meditating quietly on the day ahead and acknowledging your feelings about it before heading to the shower can help you to feel calmer.


3. …and speaking of the shower, make the products you use as uplifting and soothing as possible. Washing with a skin-friendly, pampering body wash or soap is a small act of self-care that contributes to a sense of wellbeing.


4. Downstairs, drink a long glass of alkaline water to hydrate your body and help your cognitive functions feel alert and ready for the day. Eat a healthy, nourishing breakfast, and drink your morning coffee in an unrushed, peaceful way. Sit outside if the weather and your space allow it, or at least throw open a window and let the fresh air circulate around the room.


5. Exercise is a wonderful ritual to calm anxiety, and nurture powerful feelings of calmness and control. Yoga is one of the best ways to feel centered and empowered; but if a run or early morning swim helps you to start the day stronger, then make sure you build it into your morning routine.


6. Be mindful of each action and feel appreciation for the different elements of your morning: family, pets, food, comfort and health and wellbeing, or just the exhilaration and possibilities of a new day.


7. Does setting goals help you to feel positive about your day? If so, sit with a journal and pen (rather than an electronic device) and write them down.


8. Give yourself enough time to start the day in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling out of control and stressed. No one can feel empowered and anxiety-free while tearing around trying to find a lost shoe or dashing off to work without having finished breakfast. Chaos is the thief of calm: set your alarm clock early enough to feel unrushed and capable of dealing with any unforeseen delays.


Taking Good Care of Yourself

Mental wellbeing is vital to a happy, healthy life. If anxiety is affecting you, then consider speaking with your doctor.

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