5 Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series – Part I)

It’s entrenched in our learning from a young age – work hard.  If you want to succeed, put the hours in. Slog away.  

How to get the best out of your brain!

But we need to rethink that a little.  Your brain isn’t a machine.  It’s a brilliant, complex, organic organ. Rather than flog it like a mule, to get the best out of your brain, you need to treat like a thoroughbred racehorse.  

We’ve “brainstormed” five ways to improve your brain’s performance by just making a few tweaks to your lifestyle.

  • Work smarter, not harder.  Research shows that the brain responds most favorably to working intensively for 60 minutes followed by 10 minutes resting time.  It’s known as the 60-10 rule.  Your brain needs time to refuel in order to perform at it’s brilliant best, so give it some downtime.
  • Feed Your Brain.   Certain nutrients are excellent for cognitive function, with omega-3 at the top of the list.  Good sources include tuna, salmon, sardines, walnuts, broccoli, pinto beans and pumpkin seeds.  
  • Reduce Stress.  In a busy life, this is a hard one, but you really must take steps to reduce stress levels to help your brain work properly.  Too much stress can damage your brain’s ability to process memories and to retrieve past events or knowledge.  
  • Exercise Your Brain.   Your brain needs blood pumping efficiently around your body, delivering precious oxygen, in order to thrive.  Aerobic exercise in particular is great for stimulating essential brain activity.  
  • Hydrate Your Brain!   We saved this vital one for last, but it’s one of the most important. Drinking plenty of water improves cognitive function and regulates all kinds of neural processes.  If your brain becomes dehydrated, it actually shrinks slightly.  It then has to work much harder than a properly hydrated brain.  Drinking plenty of hydrogen-rich, antioxidant Tyent water is possibly one of the very best things you can do for your brain!  

Of course, all of these things are important for good health anyway.  But when you know that a few simple changes can directly help your brain to be healthier and smarter, then it’s definitely worth a try!  

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5 Unique Ways to Improve Brain Performance (Unique Ways To Improve Your Life Series – Part I)
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