Spotting Drinks and Foods that Dehydrate You

Even if you’re making an attempt to stay better hydrated, you may be ingesting dehydrating substances without even realizing it. Start by drinking ionized alkaline water, which is six times more hydrating than regular water, and then stop consuming so much of these dehydrating foods and drinks:

Foods that dehydrate you

Sodium is a big culprit.

When you eat salty foods, your cells tell your brain that you’re thirsty. Salt is a big part of the American diet, so watch your consumption of these food varieties:

  • Fast food
  • Potato chips
  • Salty snacks
  • Canned food (salt is used as a preservative, as well as a taste agent)
  • Deli meat (again, with salt as a preservative)
  • Processed bakery items
  • Condiments like ketchup, mustard, and salad dressing

Sugary beverages also contribute.

Much like salty foods, sugary drinks also tell your brain that you’re thirsty. Avoid these types of sugary-sweet treats, and treat yourself with a healthier beverage instead:

  • Soda
  • Sports drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Sugary coffees
  • Sugary alcoholic drinks


For many people, caffeine can increase the urge to use the restroom, and the same goes for alcohol. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if you want to feel less thirsty and more hydrated throughout the day and evening.

Instead of eating and drinking these dehydration-inducing foods and beverages, drink more alkaline water, and add these top superfoods to your diet for optimal health and antioxidant levels.


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    1. Hi, Sadie. While I hope it’s not dehydration, I’m sorry to hear about your dizziness. If it persists, I would suggest contacting your general health practitioner for a full assessment. If they recommend alkaline or hydrogen water, please give one of our water ionizer experts a call at 855-893-6887.

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