Why Aren’t You Losing Weight?

You’re cutting back on the calorific, fatty foods. You’re stepping up your exercise. You’re doing all the right things. So why is the needle on the scales stuck? Why aren’t you losing weight?

We bet that some ‘helpful’ person has told you that it’s all about calories consumed –v- calories burned, but they’re wrong. That’s a tiny piece of the picture. These are the real reasons you might not be losing weight, and here’s the good news – you can fix it, fast!



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1. Trust Your Gut

Gut health is complex and fascinating. What’s more, your gut plays a vital role in how you process food and convert it into the vital nutrients and energy that your body needs.

The bacterium in your gut is a collection of microorganisms called microbiome, or microbiota. If you have little diversity in your gut microbiomes, then you’re more likely to have a higher body mass index. To help your gut support your weight loss efforts, you need to increase your consumption of fiber-rich prebiotics that feed the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut. You can do this by eating fruit and vegetables of different colors – including dark greens, like kale – to increase and vary the prebiotics in your gut and create a healthy environment for ‘good’ bacteria to thrive.

2. Secret Snacking

Some people are snackers. If you’re a snacker, it’s a tough habit to break. But guess what? You might not need to! If you love snacking, then switch your snacks to healthy ones. You already know about carrot sticks and humous, but how about chickpeas, dried in a low oven and dusted with smoked paprika? Or cubes of vegetable frittata, served cold? Get creative with flavors and textures you enjoy and if you really cannot quit snacking, then at least get your snacks working better for you. One last thing – don’t snack while watching TV or scrolling through your phone. You’re distracted and you’ll end up eating way more than you intended. If you snack, at least do so mindfully.


3. Portion Control

How much is a scoop of mashed potato? What does 2 ounces of pasta look like? Weighing and measuring portion sizes can work well for some people. While you do need to watch your portions of calorific, fatty or processed foods, you can make life easier by making sure that at each meal, most of your plate is filled with plant foods: beans, salads, veggies, etc. Try whole foods – overnight oats instead of sugary cereal, homemade soup with pulses, or a pasta bake that’s light on the pasta and heavy on the vegetable sauce, for example. There are a few exceptions (potatoes, we’re looking at you), but generally speaking, you don’t need to heavily restrict the amount of fresh plant foods you eat – especially vegetables – so fill up on those good things.

4. Drink Tyent Alkaline Water

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