Wait…There’s WHAT in That Glass of Soda?

Italy is a country profoundly committed to good food and drinks. In 1993, Parma Ham producers were well ahead of the curve when they collectively moved to ban the widely used carcinogen nitrate from being used in their products.

Microplastics…reason no. 312 not to drink soda!

So it’s perhaps not a surprise that this food-loving, additive-adverse nation is the one to carry out an analysis into the presence of microplastics in soda.

Scary Soda Samples

Il Salvagente, an active consumer watchdog, sent samples of a number of popular soft drinks for laboratory testing using the same stringent methods employed by the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of New York, which published the globally significant Orb Media report, featured in Time Magazine.

The results are alarming!

Every single sample of soda tested contained microplastics, with Coca-Cola containing 3.50 MPP/l (microparticles per liter); Pepsi recording the 5th highest concentration of contamination, at 13.00 MPP/l and Seven Up topping the table with 18.89 MPP/l. 

The lowest concentrations of microplastics were found in Italian brands unavailable in the USA.

A Health Crisis in the Making?

The studies into the dangers of microplastics are at a relatively young stage – but are accelerating all the time to keep pace with the research into the scale of the problem.

We don’t want to find ourselves in the same dramatic situation as we did with asbestos…a material considered safe and inert for many years before it was discovered, too late, how serious and extensive the damage it had produced on human beings was.” – Matteo Fago, Il Salvagente

Water Ionizers and Reducing Microplastic Consumption

The truth is – it’s hard to avoid microplastics, so it makes sense to reduce the amount we consciously consume.

Using a water ionizer to make alkaline water is one way to reduce your microplastic consumption.

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Here’s an amazing fact: our filters have the same filtration capabilities as a kidney dialysis machine!

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6 thoughts on “Wait…There’s WHAT in That Glass of Soda?

  1. To test my discipline, I gave up softdrinks for a few months. Now I don’t think I could ever go back to drinking them.

    1. Hi, Brittany. Good on you for giving up soft drinks! We recommend looking into drinking alkaline water as a healthier long-term option. Call our water ionizer experts at 855-893-6887 if you’re interested!

    1. Hi, Audrey. That’s wonderful! Have you been drinking more water? We hope that you have so that you’re always hydrated and refreshed.

  2. Yuck. Gave up on sodas long ago because of how bad they started to taste after drinking two drinks almost everyday. Glad I made the right choice!!

    1. Hi, Nicki. We’re happy that you made the healthier decision for yourself! If you’re curious about the other adverse effects of soda, read this blog to see how they can even damage our kidneys.

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