Is That Post-Workout Soda Damaging Your Kidneys?

It’s no secret that sugar and chemical-laced soda isn’t exactly good for us, but a new report published this year has reignited concerns that drinking soda after exercise can actually damage your kidneys.

Damaged kidneys? Another reason to ditch the soda for good!

In this article – here’s what you can expect to learn about soda:

  1. Soda: It Doesn’t Even Hydrate You?
  2. How Soda Might Be Damaging Your Kidneys
  3. Soda vs Water? Why Water Wins…
  4. Why a Water Ionizer Hydrates Better Than Regular Water
  5. The Incredible Health Benefits of Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer

The Truth About Soda

Soda is already linked to a whole raft of health problems…from obesity to diabetes – and those so-called “energy drinks” don’t fare any better.

Soda: It Doesn’t Even Hydrate You?

The latest scientific study to blast soda observed how drinking soda after a period of physical exercise doesn’t just fail to hydrate us…

Soda adversely affects our kidney function!

“The consumption of soft drinks during and following exercise in the heat does not rehydrate.” – Researchers from the University of Buffalo

How Soda Might Be Damaging Your Kidneys

Why does this happen?

To figure out soda’s effect on our kidney function…scientists from the University of Buffalo in New York set out to create a laboratory environment that simulated a manual working site on a hot day.

Volunteers participated in a treadmill workout, along with heavy lifting and sledgehammer swinging, in 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

During a 4-hour cycle that consisted of 45 minutes of activity, followed by a 15-minute break – the test subjects were given either a sugar-packed soda, caffeinated soft drink, or water.

After measuring the volunteers’ core body markers…the subjects who had consumed the soda:

  • Had a lower glomerular filtration rate (an important measure used to check how well your kidneys are working)
  • Showed signs of dehydration

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Soda vs Water? Why Water Wins…

The participants who drank water during the trial did not experience the same temporary decline in kidney function or dehydration.

That’s kind of startling! Along with the environmental issues and health concerns, soda isn’t even hydrating!?

Suddenly…all those TV ads of people quenching their thirst on a hot day with a can of soda are looking slightly…wide of the mark?

Why a Water Ionizer Hydrates Better Than Regular Water

water ionizers

By contrast, Tyent Water straight from a water ionizer is even more hydrating than regular water!

The reason? The tiny molecular hydrogen bubbles in ionized alkaline water can enter every cell in your body to hydrate them faster and for longer.

Not to mention…alkaline hydrogen water is jam-packed with powerful antioxidants and essential alkaline minerals that your body needs for long-lasting hydrating energy!

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer

If you’re working out, working hard, or whenever the weather is warm…

Ditch the soda and instead reach for a chilled glass of fresh, antioxidant hydrogen water from your Tyent water ionizer to hydrate your body and deliver all these incredible alkaline water benefits!

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water ionizer

Know of any success stories where someone finally decided to give up on drinking soda for alkaline water from a water ionizer instead? Please share the details with us in the comments below!

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