Three Ways to Break Out of a Health Rut!

Health ruts are bad for several reasons, but mainly because they can make staying healthy seem boring. Good health isn’t boring – it’s essential.


3 Ways to Break Out of a Health Rut


Are you in a health rut? Take a look to see if you recognize any of these classic health rut scenarios – then see how to fix it!

1. You go to the gym/track/pool but you’re going through the motions. Your workout isn’t really working, and you’re pretty much phoning in your fitness. This is one of the easiest health ruts to slip into. You set a goal – maybe running 5k – you achieve it, then try to maintain it. The achievement is awesome, and trying to maintain that standard is also admirable, but be honest – could you do more?

What’s the fix? Try setting a brand-new fitness challenge and work hard to smash it. Aiming for the next level is definitely motivating!


2. You eat fruit. You eat vegetables. You don’t snack. Okay, you don’t snack much. But the vegetables are the same old same old and that salad you eat almost every day seems uninspiring. Trying to eat clean is supposed to feel great, right? So how come that somewhere along the line, it got a little… boring?

You already know the fix to this one – liven up your food preparation and start cooking meals that excite you! The internet is bursting with brilliantly inventive flavor combinations; ways of preparing vegetables, and more healthy-foodie ideas than you can shake a kimchi burger at. Throw some inspiring new ingredients into your grocery basket, start experimenting, and eat your way out of that health rut!


3. Staying hydrated is essential for good health. Every cell in your body needs water to thrive. That’s water and not soda. Not even diet soda. Actually, especially not diet soda. Be honest, is your health rut drinking a can of soda when you know you should be hydrating with water? No kidding, even one soda a day is one too many. That stuff is no friend to good health.

When you drink water, it has to taste great. If it doesn’t, then let’s face it: you’ll be reaching for a less healthful alternative. Tyent Alkaline Water is filtered for an amazing clear, clean taste that refreshes and hydrates.


Even better, the natural molecular hydrogen in Tyent Water energizes your body from deep within each cell so you can feel the difference. Getting out of a health rut never tasted so good!


Break Out of That Health Rut & Feel Amazing!

Emerging out of a health rut can feel empowering and renewing. You have new goals, energy and zest for life. The better you feel, the easier it is to motivate yourself to take the next step.

Drinking Tyent Alkaline Water can boost your sense of health and well-being in so many ways. Our friendly water ionizer experts are standing by to answer your questions about the delicious, energizing difference that Tyent Alkaline Water can make to your life!


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