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Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!  


Is it the end of the week…or the beginning of the weekend?  

baby-girl-playing-upside-down-on-the-street   I guess that all depends on how you look at it.


Technically, I suppose it’s both, but either way, it’s Friday…and it couldn’t have come at a better time.  

I like jokes…if they’re funny.  But funny is relative.  What I find funny you may not, and vice versa.  That is why I secretly cringe before posting a joke here.  Anyway, here’s a quick joke about relativity.  I think it’s funny.  

Did you hear about the snail who got mugged by the two turtles?  

Well, this snail gets mugged by two turtles and the police are taking his statement when one of the cops says “Do you think you could identify ‘em if you saw ‘em again?”  The snail shakes his head and says, “I don’t know…it all happened so fast.”        

Snail-vector   Policeman vector


This is kind of funny. 

One afternoon when we were filming the TV show America’s Dumbest Criminals, the scene we were shooting called for the actor to run across the parking lot in an effort to elude several officers in hot pursuit.  The police close-in on foot and grab him, squad car lights flashing.  Just then, behind us on the road, we hear this loud crash and turn to see this cloud of dust and hear the sound of crunching metal as this car veers off the road and onto its side into an eight-foot very narrow ditch.  Of course we all ran over there (cops too) just in time to see the passenger door fly up above the ditch and then slam shut.  Appear for a moment…then disappear again.  Two or three times it bobbed like that.  When we got over there, we discovered that since the car was on its side, the passenger on the inside was standing on the driver’s-side widow and was trying to push the door open but he couldn’t push hard enough because the window broke from his weight and dropped him down too far.  

So we ask if anybody’s hurt as we hold up the door and pull him and his buddy the driver, up and out of the car.  That’s when it got funny.  Turns out that they were just out for a ride and happened to drive by when they looked over and saw this guy runnin’ across the open parking lot with a bunch of cops chasing after him and thought it was for real.  The driver told us that he’d slowed down to about 15 miles an hour and was so caught up in the action that he drifted off the road and crashed into the ditch of casino.  

Except for the driver’s pride, neither person was hurt.  We all had a pretty good laugh that day.





Okay then, time to go.  Here’s a recent video that’s all the rage. 

They say that dog is “man’s best friend” but after watching this remarkable video clip of this kid’s hero cat…I’m just sayin’.  





Have a great weekend!


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