A Tyent USA’s Mouth Watering Summer Recipe


                                     A Most Delicious Broccoli Salad


Kid with hand up   It’s summer time and with summer comes plenty of get-togethers, picnics, backyard cooking, or just spur of the moment events.  Since I enjoy preparing good food, I am usually one of the first ones to raise their hand and volunteer to bring something homemade when it is announced that some social gathering involving food is planned.  Then I panic.  Well, I used to panic.  Then I discovered this recipe.

If you’ve ever found yourself in this position, your worries are over.  This delicious dish solves all your problems.  It is easy to prepare and has a host of flavors that meld together beautifully creating a flavor explosion that is sure to get you rave reviews and requests for the recipe.  It is a two-fold winner.  Aside from the bragging rights, you will love it too.

This healthy salad is a true crowd pleaser so you will need to take a few copies of the recipe with you for the inevitable requests.


Broccoli  Broccoli Salad



1 Large bunch broccoli

½ Medium red onion, chopped

½-Cup raisins

1-Cup mayonnaise

¼-Cup sugar

2 Table spoons of cider vinegar

1 Small package of sunflower seeds

6-8 pieces of bacon (cooked the way you prefer)



Cut the broccoli into bite-size pieces
Add the onion, raisins, sunflower seeds and the (chopped) cooked bacon 



Mayo, sugar & vinegar

Whip it up good, pour over the broccoli mixture and toss well

Stick it in the fridge to chill before serving

And there you have it.  Sweet and delicious, this perfect side dish is sure to please everyone that tastes it.  It is that good.


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  1. I know so many people don’t like broccoli (at least people I know! Haha), but it is SUCH a nice vegetable, especially when you cook it correctly. Good recipe.

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