Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water versus Poison Water

                                          One drink you really should avoid Diet-soda     We eat and drink many things that are bad for us health wise.  In some ways, it is understandable.  I would think that most people, if given the option, would probably choose a snack cake over a bowl of kale.  Yet the snack cake is loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and preservatives while in a Human Nutrition Research Center study, kale ranked highest in antioxidants of any food.   

So while we won’t stop consuming all the things that are bad for us or begin consuming all the things that are good for us, with a little common sense and will power, we can strike a balance. 

I wanted to write about foods and drinks to avoid for better health, but since there are so many, I don’t have the time or space to list them all so today I’m going to give one that we shouldn’t ever drink according to the experts.  Avoid drinking this poison and you will be a lot better off.      


Bad news

For diet soda drinkers  

I have railed against diet soda for years.  They contain aspartame.  Aspartame is made up of three chemicals: aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol.  In their book Prescription for Nutritional Healing, James and Phyllis Balch list aspartame under the category of “chemical poison.”  In practically everything these days, aspartame is hard to avoid.  However, because diet sodas are consumed in such large quantities, I want to tell you just how harmful aspartame is to you. 


Diet soda: 

Diet soda not only carries with it all the negatives of regular cola, which we know is bad, it also contains aspartame, an artificial sweetener that is poison to our systems.  Aspartame is very scary stuff.  It has been proven to be the base cause of many serious neurological disorders.  

Lynne Melcombe is the author of Health Hazards of White Sugar.  In her research, she discovered that aspartame was linked to the following health problems.  Actually, there are about ninety but I’m going to list only ten.  

  • Anxiety attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Birth defects
  • Brain tumors
  • Depression
  • Chest pain
  • Joint pain
  • Learning disabilities


 Miss Melcombe goes on to say that, the effects of aspartame can be mistaken for Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many, many, more. 

  *Aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Of these reactions, many are very serious to include seizures and even death.  

Doctors and researchers studying the adverse effects of aspartame discovered that the ingesting of aspartame either triggered or even caused the following serious health maladies.  

  • Lymphoma
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Memory loss
  • Birth defects
  • Mental retardation

  The list of dangers and serious harm this product causes us is virtually endless so when you get a chance, please scratch diet sodas off your grocery list…permanently.  

Want a proven healthy alternative to drink?  Look no further than water.  But not tap water, it’s poisonous too.  

Look into Tyent USA.  Our water purification systems produce the purest, healthiest, mineral rich, ionized alkaline water you can drink.  Not only refreshing, but literally, good for you.




 In conclusion, while the choice of course is yours, you really should never drink another diet cola as long as you live, which will probably be longer as soon as you quit.  

To learn more about healthy drinking water from Tyent USA, please follow this link below.  






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