Alkaline Water Comparison: 5 Reasons to Choose Tyent over Kangen


Ionizers, ionizers everywhere. But which one should you pick? Turns out the choice is very simple. Let’s take a look at what separates Tyent’s ionizers from the pack.


Everyone from doctors to athletes is singing the praises of Tyent’s alkaline water. Just look at what Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher Michael McKenry told us about his search for an alkaline water ionizer

It was very easy to find who was at the top. That was Tyent. Tyent USA is THE brand. -Michael McKenry

But don’t just trust healthcare professionals and elite athletes. Here’s the cold, hard truth about how Tyent stacks up against Kangen, one of our competitors.

1. Tyent’s Ionizers Are Simple to Use

Let me ask you something—would you rather drive a car with an automatic or manual transmission?

Most people prefer automatic because it’s EASY. Well, water ionizers are no different.

Would you rather use an ionizer that’s difficult to work with and requires manual adjustments, or would you greatly prefer Tyent’s automatic flow control?

The answer is obvious.

2. Tyent’s Water Ionizers Are Built with Your Home in Mind


Some companies like to make assumptions. One of the assumptions our competitors like to make is that ALL of their customers’ needs are the same.

Not Tyent. Our water ionizers are fully customizable with your home’s unique water in mind. That means our products work with hard water, too.

The same can’t be said for Kangen. Try setting up a Kangen ionizer on a hard water supply and get ready for it to, well, not work.

3. A Tyent Ionizer Is Built with Cutting-Edge Technology

Let’s consider your ionizer’s power supply. Boring, right? Well, maybe a little. But without a top-of-the-line power supply, you can forget about ionizing water when you need it.

You see, older transformer power supplies like Kangen’s are prone to overheating. Meanwhile, SMPS units are resistant to overheating but not as reliable as transformers.

That’s not good enough. Tyent’s ionizers use a brand-new advanced SMPS plus power source, meaning it won’t overheat AND it’s reliable.

4. Tyent’s Water Ionizers Produce Cleaner, Healthier Water

This one is too easy. Tyent’s alkaline water ionizers are made with two advanced filters, while Kangen’s ionizers have just one.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather have double-filtered, super-clean water.

Of course, maybe you prefer dirty water. To each his own!

5. Tyent’s Ionizers Are Far Cheaper Than Kangen’s


My brain says Tyent, but my heart…also says Tyent.

Tyent’s top-of-the-line alkaline water ionizer is just $3,295, has a lifetime warranty, and features a 60-day return period. But, we also offer a fantastic 7-plate model for just $1,995! (Click here to see all of our ionizer models.)

Kangen weighs in at nearly $4,300 after taxes, with a 5-year-warranty and just a meager 3-day return policy.

Plus, you have to factor in Kangen’s cleaning kit—if you don’t buy it, you warranty is voided!

The Only Choice Is Tyent

There’s just NO reason to pick an ionizer that doesn’t say “Tyent” on the label. Price, quality, effectiveness…Tyent wins by a landslide.

When you’re ready to go with the only trustworthy name in the alkaline water industry, head on over to our buying guide to find the perfect ionizer for YOUR needs!

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